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    Alright. My friend Logan and I have been having this argument for quite sometime now. But for the past three or four months, its really intensified. The "intensification" came about because Eminem is coming out with his new album soon; "Relapse", and my friend knows I listen to Eminem constantly, and I told him Eminem is going to sell more albums than Lil Wayne did with his "The Carter III".

    Of course his arguement response is "Well, Eminem sucks. He left his fans hangin'. He didnt come out with an album for five years". I tell him this is false saying he hasnt come out with a solo album in five years, but has been working on mixtapes and D12's albums.

    So then he says that Lil Wayne is better at freestyling than Eminem. This gives me a good laugh because Lil Wayne considers some of his songs he recorded that have a chorus and a beat in the background "freestyles" (example: The Sky is The Limit) The Sky is The Limit (Ride 4 My *****s) is clearly not a freestyle. On a radio interview, Lil Wayne is asked to freestyle and completely embaresses himself: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zsjy4Vu3MAM"]YouTube - Lil Wayne Freestyle[/ame]

    Eminem's freestyles: [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hSkEOal0yE"]YouTube - Eminem Freestyle Compilation[/ame]

    I just feel my friend has been sucked into this mainstream brainwash bullshit, and it pisses me off, because no matter how many people tell him and show him that Lil Wayne sucks, he doesn't believe it. But of course, a person that says they are the "best rapper alive" in every one of their songs, automatically makes them the best rapper alive.

    What do you guys think?

    Everyone needs to take a listen to that song if you haven't already.
  2. Lil Wayne is no eminem, but he's talented in his own right. Eminem back in the day was probably the best lyricist out of all the mainstream artists out there. But...he did leave the fans hanging. Then he drops that shitty Pop a Bottle song...like WTF, Em? Right now I'd say Weezy definitely. He's been putting in work on the mixtape circuit so far this year.Lets forget "Prom Queen" even exists...
  3. I know where youre comin from with the weezy cant freestyle. If you look at a lot of the freestyles he did on interviews many of them were lyrics to songs that he hadnt released yet. It really bummed me out when i figured that out. BUUTTT Waynes songs are super ill. the lyrics that he drops and the metaphors, oh the metaphors are insane. Im a long time Em fan as well so no bias here but at least right now im givin it to WEEZY.
  4. Word. Couldnt have said it better.
  5. metaphors? Are you serious? Lil whine's raps are not metaphors. They are horrible jibberish. Eminem has the metaphors that actually MAKE SENSE! Lil whine just has some recorded crap. Eminem > Lil whine... eminem is wayyy better than lil whine anyday

  6. Crack a bottle was fucking shitty cause of fifty cent...take him out and add someone else then it would have been decent...oh and eminem is better than lil wayne any day...good rappers dont put albums out every year, nor do they name them the same fucking thing over. and over. and over...oh and hes got two albums coming out this year(it could be some bullshit from fans on wikipedia)...guess what one of thems named...

    all in all

    Eminem>lil wayne
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    100% agreed, my thoughts exactly
  8. lets not compare eminem to lil wayne.

    everyone > lil wayne.
  9. Look this argument is not fair. They are of completely different styles of rap. Eminem is a more of an insane-content-multi-syllabic-lyrical approach while Lil' Wayne is more of a shitty-terrible-drop-that-mic-now approach.
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    I've heard almost all of Eminem's songs multiple times and only a few of Lil Wayne's. But Lil Wayne's voice and face make me want to punch somebody. I can't say whose music I like more without being biased.

    And is it just me or is that rock version of "Lollipop" one of the worst remakes of a song ever?
  11. krayzie bones remix of lollipop was sweet. better than what lil wayne could do. Lu-lu-lu-lu-lollipop gtfo
  12. Lil wayne's a good rapper but he sounds like he's having an asthma attack the whole time. Eminems a good rapper but a lot of his songs are about killing his girlfriend. I like eminem better, hopefully his new album is good.
  13. Lil Wayne

    they both suck though
  14. if wayne rapped about shit that was important more often, id like him. i dont care about lean, or dancing in a maserati on a bridge or buck buck, buck buck, and buck bucking again. em rapped about his life problems.

    i dont care what wayne raps about, but if hes going to call him self the worlds best rapper, he better be making the worlds best rap songs. he doesnt so he failed. hes not cold, hes not raw, just because he can string sentences together doesnt mean shit. so because i can drive a car and visit the race track often, should i call myself the worlds best drag racer? and does that mean that my car is the fastest car in the world?

    you see what i mean? just because hes oversaturated on the market doesnt mean hes that good. i hate overrated rappers.
  15. Go white boy go white boy go
  16. A couple of his older songs are, but a lot of his songs have some kind of meaning other than sex and money.

    Whether you like Eminem or not, you gotta admit he can write some damn good lyrics.
  17. There's been a bunch of these eminem and lil wayne threads on here and people need to realize that they're both mainstream artists that are all about making money...

    There's sooo many underground artists that are actual lyricists and continue to be way more talented then the both of them. Including dozens of white rappers than blow eminem out of the water.
    The majority of eminems "freestyles" are pre written as well and record sales are not important.
  18. I'd go with Wayne. Eminem used to be good, but his day is pretty much over.

    Personally I'd like to see Wayne do some more shit with Zoe.

    And what he ^ said.
  19. Drag Race?
  20. Lil Wayne sucks, Eminem is pretty damn good I think, and if you want great freestyling though, kick some BIG L!

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