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Eminem Freestyling on Trump

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jane_Bellamont, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. It's one of those moments, I guess. Celebrities getting into politics..

    That begs the question - should rappers stay out of politics and just keep rapping about hoes and bitches and drugs (something that used to be controversial, but is now mainstream as fuck..),

    ..or should rappers continue to push the barriers and be champions of free speech and controversy?

    How could Eminem have done this rap better, without softening his stance and treading on egg shells in order to avoid offending his fans who .. might happen to support Trump? It almost seems like every time somebody makes fun of, or insults Trump .. there's a whole Tsunami of butthurt spawning on the interwebs...

    Having said hat - there's actually a much better way Eminem could have pulled off this rap, without sounding whiny:

    1. Show that you're highly educated. In order to successfully attack Trump, you need to thoroughly understand the reason he got elected in the first place, as well as the quirky dynamics of the post-2016 world politics (the SJW's, political correctness, etc.)

    Eminem seems kinda naive in this video. He's attacking Trump as if he'd been stuck in the 1990s. He's also pretty much repeating the insults that people have already heard before back in 2015... 'orange man', 'racist', etc.

    I mean, look at South Park - those guys totally nailed it.. and it doesn't come off as whiny or opinionated. Rather, it just exposes the obvious.. naturally.

    2. "These poor people you're hurting!" - Don't be whiny. You gotta have bravado, you gotta have a smirk.. an intellectual edge. Gotta have that James Bond swagger.

    Use the same weapons that they use against you. Speak from a position of power, comfort. Show that you're living a good life .. that's the secret weapon rappers have always used.. bragging about wealth, talent, attractive partners, etc.

    Don't rap from below .. rap from above. Even if you don't 'have it', find something that you do have, and just exaggerate it, and boast about it. That's what Hip Hop was always about.. it was never about being whiny.

    3. You need to understand Internet Culture. Quite literally - you gotta be able to speak the language of 4chan, Reddit, etc.

    Trump is literally the first Meme president. He got elected by the internet. Pepe the frog is no longer the mascot of bored 20-year-old sexually unactive white males living with their parents.. he is mainstream. He is real. He is here. Pepe is everywhere.

    Internet culture is literally social evolution on steroids. What might have been socially acceptable and 'cool' 1 week ago, may come off as dumb or 'cringe' right now as we speak. You don't always know what's the next big thing.. because shit goes viral overnight.

    Likewise, what may have been dumb and totally moronic a few months ago, may be the coolest shit ever as we speak.


    4. Know your enemy. Put yourself in his shoes.

    Why do you think Trump supporters feel the way they do? Could it be rising unemployment, globalization, outsourcing.. could it be the fact that Hollywood and the mainstream media puts diversity on a pedestal, while at the same time being part of the very problem that makes the lives of minorities suck - promoting wealth inequality, exploitation of the working class, tax cuts for the rich, etc.?

    Eminem was clearly siding with the mainstream in this video.

    Wouldn't it be smarter to reach out to that fellow old truck driver who lost his job because of self-driving vehicles.. ... and cheer him up ... instead of alienating people you don't understand?
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  2. Eminem is a beast fuck Donald Trump the orange starburst ass looking MF, it is funny though him ripping Donald a new one :laughing:
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  3. Good to see well travelled sensible people protesting about the fk wit that is the leader of the free world. Maybe it will sink into the poor rednecks heads.
    Trump is no friend to the poor and down trodden.

    But man, he was born to rap, what comes out of his vocals are gems
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  4. A cringey 44 year old wigger crying about Trump. I'm sure the POTUS is devastated :lmafoe:
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  5. Excellent!
    The more people lambasting that fuckwit cunt Trump and the warmongering US government the better.
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  6. Tbh not a big Eminem fan. But I think I should point that rap has its roots in very political music. Some of the earliest purveyors of rap music were big into producing conscious hip hop. Not to say it wasn’t full of music without a political consciousness but rappers like KRS-One, Public Enemy, and many more were overtly political in a lot of their music. So I would say if rap is getting more political that’s really a return to original form and not any kind of new trend. That being said I think based on the last several hip hops albums I’ve listened to many rappers seem to be reacting to the political moment.

    Great 90’s song about abortion rights
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  7. Michelle eating ice-cream...:judgekneel:

  8. I have never been a fan of this rapper, but it is interesting to watch people come apart at the seams over what looks to be the best president to ever run for office in modern history. This kind of shit has been going on for over two years and has failed every time. There is not much in life that has been 100% other than death and tax's and now, winning with President Trump.. imo
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  9. :poop:
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  10. A (defunct) celebrity is crying about Trump?

    What else is new :smoke:
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  11. Congrats to the 40 year old for rhyming

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  12. I believe rappers should rap about whatever they want to.. If they want to pander to the masses that will eat up whatever they say (see: Kid Rock), they should be able to. I don’t think they must fit into the neat little box you laid out.

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  13. music has been the other side of politics/society for a while. its important. alot of great songs are because of the current political culture of the time
    eminem has the freedom to say anything he wants. america is so great
    i like his songs, but i wonder if he really did struggle growing up, i dont get why he would be against a person who would help him up as vs a person who keep their foot on his back

    i wish someone with as strong as a platform as eminem and lebra imabitch james would stand up and unit the country rather then tear i apart
    but yea i thought it was a pretty good and he was funny

  14. i think 90's has much more meaning.
    before, life is a bitch, they talked about growing up, life situations, their everyday struggle
    some of them were good, so they made alot of money. them kids that were watching that, saw the drive bys, drug dealing and all the money, the rewards of their hard work...so they grew up wanting to be a rapper
    now the music is all about having nice cars, big houses and life is a party...but no one is earning anything...
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