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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MyNameIsMudd, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Ok so, my younger brother comes up to my window with our friend about getting some weed. So i tell them to come ot my room to talk about the plan.

    I ask how much we are buying so We agree on a quartor ounce. 80 bucks.
    so they go to get it and i guess when they meet their friend she stops in the middle of the road and hands my friend the bag, then my brother hands our money to our friend and he hands it to the girl. so the girl drives away and the stupid kid(our friend) hands us the bag and the weed looks bomb, but it isnt smokable because its still a little damp.
    Naturally I am mad because i could have went through my friend and gotten weed that i can actually smoke.
    (also turned out she only had an eighth so we ended up spending 40 bucks instead of 80)
    anyways long story shortened; I need a way to cure my eighth in a matter of a couple hours, does anyone have an idea for me?

    also my brother has the weed under a pretty hot lamp and ontop of paper. so if anyone has a better way that worked for them , let me know thanks :wave:
  2. I took the eigth I just got that had been washed in his pants and stuck the head of the blowdryer in it and just inflated the bag and let a little air escape so its circulating the air out. Works pretty well and you can still smoke it if its a little wet out of a pip or a bong. Might not work so well if you roll it. Airflow is more important than heat so Id focus on that other then the light.

    P.s. Hold onto the bag tight or youll have yourself some scatterd nugs all over the place.
  3. gentle heat.

    hair dryer, personal heater.


    dont use lights to cure, badd idea it looses alot of its thc.
  4. jar it. takes longer but well worth it.
  5. Your title is misleading. This is by no means an emergency. No one's going to die if you can't smoke your eight in roughly two hours.
  6. I was lookin' for cool shit. This isn't what I imagined.
  7. That's it, I'm getting my torch and pitchfork we were misled!
  8. man you got my hopes up... i was looking forward to reading something fucked up
  9. This.

    Ya I was imagining "Ok the cops/parents just busted me with my bong in one hand and a big ol bag of weed in the other plus I had lines on my desk and strips in the drawer!"or something..

    Like they have said, airflow. Putting it under heat will cause a chemical reaction burning off the thc. (Thats why we set it on fire and smoke it)
  10. #10 livelaughlearn, Oct 11, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 11, 2010
    you have weed all over your table. yes, call 911.

    also, the best way to dry your pot is to throw all your pot on the stove and turn the heat on medium low(directly into the fire), do NOT turn the heat up to medium high because then it'll just fuck up your weed.

    optional step: take a frying pan and hit your self with it FUUUU_RE_FFFFFUUUU_Pizza-s508x387-44250.jpg
  11. I know seriously...I wanted something like "Cops raided my house and I'm holed up in the bathroom on Grasscity atm"

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