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  1. My neighbor found my plants hidden throughout the property and called dtf. We talked and he said they would be over Monday and let me move them. Now I'm wondering does anybody know what's going to happen? He said hes not going to say anything to them about me but I got a bunch of trails leading back and forth but my dogs run around their a lot so I could say its them if they come knocking. Just wondering if anybody has any idea what's going to happen?
  2. No evidence, no case.
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  3. I get that much I'm going to hide everything in the guest house just wondering if anyone had any prior experience? Hop6they dont target my area with choppers i got a lot of shit outside this year
  4. If it's not on your property they can't really prove it's yours unless you admit to it. Even if there was a trail leading to your back door they still couldn't prove it was your plants.

    If the plants are easily seen you might consider saying you've seen them and had been wondering who's plants they were but you haven't seen anyone coming around. Denying even knowing the plants are there may sound suspicious. Or you could say you've seen the neighbor back there and had just assumed they were his plants.

    What's dtf?
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  5. And I Googled dtf.....
    You know what that stands for ??
  6. Yup.
  7. It's the drug task force is whatvinwas referring to but I got an update! He called his old sheriff buddy who called the dtf said "those assholes dont work weekends" and was referred to another number so the sheriff called them and they said they dont give two shits about weed and they're not doing a damn thing about it :love-m3j: kinda already figured that since I had dtf show up at my old house in sale on suspect that there was funny smells coming from the place which I instantly knew he thought we were cooking speed since it was real bad around that time but I wasnt so I let him search he said theres just a bunch of weed paraphernalia and he's not worried about it get it cleaned up a cop pulled my baby mom over the next day he asked to search her car she said go ahead since she didnt carry anything he said never mind and left us alone:love-m3j:
  8. If what you were doing is illegal and you were reported you can't trust them to leave you alone. I don't know how likely it is they will search but they may drive by just to check a box on the police report and if they see an easy bust they may go for it. You know a lot more about your situation than we do so trust your instincts. I don't trust the police even a little but I'm sure our life experiences are different.
  9. Well I feel confident after talking to them several years ago and after he told me the whole thing I dont think they give a fuck about some plants on his property it's a waste of their time. Today is the day though we'll see if anyone comes knocking I highly doubt it though they dont care about it anymore

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