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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Xavior, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. What does everyone do when its an emergency and you are low on weed...not out, but really low. I havent run out of weed for at least a straight month, and now I have :(

    This is all thats left, I took my keif and all my stems and fine ground them...they were headies, so I'm hoping its gonna be good.

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  2. SO YOU TOOK STEMS AND SMOKED THEM? all i do is scrape my pipe. if you umm dry out the resin a little it burns alot better and is easier on the lungs.
  3. i don't smoke stems it gives me headaches and there supposed 2 make u go crazy *LOL*
  4. well its a half half mix

    i figured the stems plus the keif would give me more to smoke than if i tried to compact the keif enough to smoke it....every time u light ur bowl u destroy thc - so itd be a terrible waste to take basically pure thc and put a flame to it.
  5. oh shit :smoking: after 3 bowls, this stuff finally kicks my ass and i stop
  6. try scraping some resin and putting on top of the weed it burns longer.

  7. your one crazy mofo :D

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