Emergency! To flush, or not to flush?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by marijuanay, May 10, 2011.

  1. not really sure what i did wrong, other than up the nutes just a little bit, and that the room got up to around 100F.. either way, i feel like something should be done quick lol

    Took her out of the room to a cooler spot right now, but not sure if i should flush or not..


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  2. on second thought.. the other ones are fine.. so flush?
  3. no opinions?
  4. They're burnt. 100 is too hot. Keep your temps 70-85. The spots are probably bug related, but not your biggest problem.
  5. no bugs.. i took pictures last night that are in my sig. gotta be nutes, since the other 2 are perfectly fine.. couldnt have been over 90 for more than a few hours

    also tried using some sketchy thing called superthrive.. eh. lol
  6. I can't see very closely on my iPhone. Nor does your sig show up. Usually when the leaves burn, they turn dry and light green, then brown. The brown spots are something different. Your probably going to lose them. I would get started on the next cycle right away.

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