Emergency! Serious Sprout Issues

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by BKKG, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. I've recently started growing, and I posted briefly about this in my grow journal, but no one responded to my concern, so I thought I'd give it a try here.

    I currently have two sprouts growing, which I have named Cindy and Ducky. The leaves of both plants have been growing at an upward angle, which I found a bit confusing, but since they seemed to be growing just fine, I didn't worry too much about it, thinking that they might straighten out as they got bigger and heavier.

    Well Cindy did just that, but then her leaves started to curl a bit at the edges, and her cotyledons started turning yellow. In two days, her leaves had curled completely up, creating a sort of hollow leaf-ball, and the cotyledons are shriveled. Here's a low quality pic (I'm working on getting another camera):

    You can hopefully at least make out the shapes. It seems too late for Cindy, I'm afraid that she's beyond hope at this point.

    Ducky on the other hand seems to be doing much better. She has a larger set of first leaves, as well as secondary leaves. But these leaves are also growing somewhat upwards, creating almost a cup shape. I wasn't too worried about it, except that her cotyledons are starting to turn yellow too!

    I know the image quality isn't great on this one either, but the lowest leaf you can see is one of the cotyledons, and it's turned a bit yellow at the very edge. The proper leaves seem a healthy color, but so did Cindy's, up until the shrivelling and curling.

    If this is a sign that Ducky is in trouble too, please tell me, and tell me what I can do to save her! I don't have a lot of seeds, and so losing both of these would be a significant setback. I'm growing in plain topsoil, so nutrient burn shouldn't be an issue, as I'm not adding any nutes. The lights didn't seem close enough to burn either, and I haven't had any issues with the plants before this so I'm very confused and afraid for them now.

    Can anyone shed some light on the problem, or put my mind at ease and tell me that this is normal (for Ducky, at least)?
  2. Heat stress can cause curling upwards of leaves, but so can low humidity.
    If you're sure it's neither get some seedling soil to be assured of a proper medium.

  3. i don't know about you... but i'm for ducky, nice scrappy name for a female,...:hello:

    don't give up on cindy though...you're in the right place...all will be well:D.
  4. 1. hydro, soilless or Soil & brand name of soil ?
    2. PH of reservoir solution?
    3. PH soil runoff?
    4. PH of water?
    5. Age of plants?
    6. What Fertilizer, dosages, and frequency?
    7. lites, wattage & proximity to plants
    8. Light cycle. 24/0,, 18/6,, 12/12?
    9. In light cycle how long?
    10. Room temps or reservoir temps
  5. I did a recheck of my box's temperature, and it was waaay too high- 96 degrees. I've temporarily shut off some of the lights to cool things off while I figure out what to do in the long term. I have cfl's, and so I try to keep my plants fairly close (but it's at least an inch away). I guess I'm not really sure what to do in light of these recent events, because I don't want the plants to stretch, and I also don't want them to burn. I'll be picking up a pH meter as soon as I can to test the soil too, but it seems like the lights were involved. Does anyone have any advice what to do, both in the future to protect my plants, and in order to revive my injured ones? And how realistic is it for me to expect my plants (or at least Ducky) to recover?
  6. just raise the lites to 3 inches & get some more air movment
  7. Will do. But do you think that it's too late for the two plants I already have growing?
  8. I saw the question in your journal BKKG, but didn't answer since I didn't think it was much to worry about.

    All of my seedlings started out like this. I think it may have been related to the strain. As soon as the leafs got a little bigger they flattened out like normal. It took about 2-3 days for my plants to do that. Although with your heat so high, the growth rate of your plants is probably a bit slower.
  9. Here's the update, such as it is:

    Cindy is looking just as she did before, shrivelled and curled. The roundish green splotch in the middle is the pair of leaves curved back over the stem, and the other greenish shapes are her shrivelled cotyledons. I keep telling myself that she can bounce back, but I just don't know.

    And Ducky is looking marginally better than Cindy (not hard to do), but she doesn't seem to be improving at all. I fear for her life, too. It would seem that both sets of her leaves are shrivelled and therefore mostly useless, and the cotyledons have gone the same way. Without those leaves to catch the light, how could either plant survive?

    So like I said, I'm not confident that either sprout is going to make it, which is a shame considering how well Ducky was doing before this ordeal. Lesson learned, and I hope that the loss of these two doesn't set back my entire endeavor by too much.

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