EMERGENCY QUESTION -plz help asap-

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  1. hey bladez,

    here's the deal. i've just been hired and i found out today i have to take a dt tomorrow.
    i was able to procure some clean urine.

    my question:
    i was unsure how to store it. the urine was dispensed into a glass mason jar and sealed and left at room temp.
    i started reading up on urine storage for dt's and it recommended refridgeration if it's not going to be used immediately.

    so i put it in the fridge but the urine was left unrefridgerated for about 2-3 hours.

    is the urine still ok to use?

    i read not to microwave it because that could alter the metabolites or something.

    i've decided to put the container containing the urine in some hot water before i go, then wrap a pocket warmer around the container. this will be ace bandaged around my leg.

    is this an ok method ^ ?

    what temp does the sample need to be at?

    i've read it needs to be 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit. is that correct?

    any help is greatly and desperately appreciated.
  2. i would just wrap the warmer around it an 30-45 minutes before you go in. and before you get in there, you strap it to your leg. that or wear it on your leg for like 3-4 hours before so it becomes your body temp..
  3. 2-3 hours at room temp is fine, it takes AT LEAST 12 to make any noticable changes. But they would have to check for it, which they wont, unless its a sophisticated test, which i doubt it is.

    90-100 deg is the correct temp range.

    I think your method is perfect. Get it nice and warm/hot-ish with teh hot water method, and then tape a handwarmer to it. Then tape it all to you, anywhere you like is fine, but a warm spot is better. Tape it with the handwarmer on the outside, that way its warmed from BOTH sides, and the handwarmer has no chance of burning you.

    good luck, let us know how you do tomorrow.

    It is scary as hell, but EASY to pull off. I speak from experience.
  4. man i just did this shit last week and i passed my drug test. today was my second day on the job.

    so far everything you've said about storing the urine is fine. as long as you use it within about 24 hours, you'll be good. you can probably afford to go over that quite a bit, so don't fret.

    at this point your biggest concern is having the correct temperature when it goes into the piss cup.

    what i did:

    i had a 66ml elmers glue bottle, one of those flat shaped ones with a screw down top. i thoroughly cleaned it prior to the addition of urine.

    i had a digital thermometer with a long thin tip to fit into the top of the glue bottle. i kept this on me right up until i walked into the building, checking the temperature of the urine at every red light.

    i had those little hand warmer satchels you can buy at walgreens that heat up for a few hours. i used these to keep the urine at a steady temperature before it went into the glue bottle and i had one tucked in my underwear incase i needed to warm the urine right before the test.

    and speaking of underwear, i wore tight fitting boxer briefs, and i wrapped electrical tape around each one of my thighs so that the bottle of urine wouldnt have the opportunity to slip out at any time. i also wore thermals over the boxers and jeans over the thermals. it was toasty.

    i put the urine in the glue bottle at 91'f. i then ran extremely hot water over the glue bottle for a few minutes. when i took it out the temperature of the urine was 107'f - this was more chance than anything. i let it sit for five minutes to see how quickly the temperature was going to drop, knowing how long it would take me to get to the clinic and about how long i would have to wait in line.

    it took about 8 minutes or so for it to drop to 105' so things seemed good. i drove to the clinic with the urine sitting in my cup holder, i didnt want it to be too hot by keeping it in my undies with the fire that was raging in there. like i said, every red light i checked the temperature to make sure it was dropping steadily but slowly.

    when i got to the clinic, it read 99'f, so i took the heat pad out of my underwear and stuck the glue bottle in.

    when the lab technician took the temperature reading of the piss, it came out at 94'f, which was absolutely perfect.
  5. crank ur defrost and put the bottle over the vent on ur way to the test, that should keep it warm on the way.

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