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  1. i toped the cola off of a lower branch and inside the pistols on the stem i think i found seed is my plant a hurmy? i dont know if i should pull it or what?? the nugs still look bomb..What should i do? will my clones do the same thing or what??? ps. pics r cuming
  2. If you've already found seeds dog the cat's out of the bag so to speak. A single male flower can fuck a whole room of females and once it's done it's done. That's why hermies are dealt with in the same way that males are. What you're going to be looking at is a significantly reduced yield and a shit load of seeds. Same thing happened to me on my first grow with Bubblegum and I was not a happy fucking camper let me tell you.

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  3. here they are!!

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  4. to hard to see i will use a 5.2 pixel later.. should i chop and hang her or what?the seeds are damn small and are hidden in the pistols...no pollen sack.. is this nessicary for a herm??? what the f should i do??
  5. You should leave them be. Have you pulled out an actual seed or are they false seed pods? Anyway, if it is seeded at least you can harvest some good seeds IF you wait for harvest long enough.
  6. i Might be parinoid.. they are so damn small... kinda eggcorn like? I freaked out a while ago i think it might be just false seed pods and what the pistols come out of... i dunno

  7. Yes. Often these seed pods are false. Just wait a while and see. You will probably be ok providing you pulled all the males in time. By the way, what strain is this and how far into flower are you?
  8. I fn hope so... im starting to think i am just trippn cuz the seeds in question are so small... There was a male but i chopped him b 4 his balls even dropped... i mean the first day that u could even tell it was a male it was cut.. the strain is unknown.. from a jar of wicked seeds only from bomb herb.. so im not to sure. She is probably in her 40- 50th day of flowering... i have no clue how long actually i didnt write it down and the months all blur to one.. she is almost ready you think?

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  9. Looks good. I see nothing there that indicates any seeds. I think you have some more time left until harvest. Next time mark down the very night, on a calandar, when you turned the lights to 12/12. Then you can calculate and be sure. But because you don't know the strain it is just speculation. It is best to get 10x plus of magnification and look at the trichs.

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