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  1. So I am a novice outdoor grower. I had had some success and built up for my max allowable grow this summer. However, I live in an area that saw two major wildfires ( I literally was shielding the plants when the police came by and told us to go) and very high arid temps this summer. My entire crop was ruined. I need this for the meds so have decided I have to grow indoors to catch up and to move forth into next spring. .

    I have bought a 8x4x6.7 tent. I have one 1000w hid with both bulbs, I have a 470cfm carbon scrubbing cooling system. I will run initially 5 autoflowers under those and I plan to start some regular plants as well, maybe five to go ( I do about 15-20 plants stunted under for rotation). For this side I was thinking of adding a full spectrum 700w led set up.

    Has anyone run a hybrid lighting simultaneously or know if it would/would not work? I plan to run a separate led grow in its own tent when I move in the spring but for now if I won't hurt then I might be in my best position to try them.

    I have been growing in soil. I prep the soil and control the ph level very well. I have seen in my research bubbler systems and they seem simple but finicky...any thoughts about running a bubbler in my overall grow plan?

    Great folks on this site. Thanks in advance for any info.


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  2. I have not tried led and hid together but I have seen plenty of videos with others doing them side by side. I would be careful when starting your girls not to have to much light but once they have 3 leaf sets and you have the lights the right distance above the Plants no reason not to give them all the light you got. Led, hid, cfl all side by side no problems. Sorry to hear about the wildfires that's a tough one. At least it didn't take your home with it.
    I personally don't know anything about bubble buckets but rumpleforeskin has a good thread on here about them. Look up his name and enjoy.
  3. I would do a ebb and flow system if your planning 15-20 plants.

    I have a bigboy bucket system set up and its wonderful

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