emergency: just found a seed in my bud what do i do?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by brian8472, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. its a round hard green seed in a spherical shape so what should i do? how should i proceed? expert advice would be much apreciated i wanna grow this thing
  2. is this in a plant you're growing or in some of your bud thats been harvested/bought?

    from the sound of it, its no use for planting (to the best of my knowledge), and if its been discovered in your grow, find that m/h and give him/it the chop.

    if the seed was brown and kinda tiger striped, then you'd have one good for growing. since u say its green it sounds like its imature. i could be wrong on that.

    was it from good weed?
    might still be worth trying to grow it.

    ps, i'm no growing expert. wait for sid, unoit, woody or one of the others to help ya out.
  3. yea its green and its from a really good crop of weed too i found it in the bud as i was making a joint
  4. Will the water mold up the green seed and not grow because shell is soft?water made it stay to wet?
    I say this because i never got one to grow when i was mesing around one year with them.
    pinch the seed and if it breaks it was to young.
  5. dude just stick it in some paper towels and see if it germinates, if it does stick it in some non-acidic soil that drains well and see if it grows, if it does grats, go read up on growing.

    i wouldn't get too big a boner about finding a seed in your bud i usually find them in schwag a lot
  6. yea i did get a sickly huge boner when i found it dunno i was high so it seemed great lol


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