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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Noid, May 5, 2006.

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    Plant is a bit over a month old, 1' foot tall.
    18/6 light schedule, in wonder soil with ferts, watered as needed, fan blowing 18/6
    Soil PH reads slightly acidic, roughly 6.9

    Plant was having issues with heat from a lamp so I changed things around.
    I removed and incandescent bulb, and put in a coolwhite fluoro tube.

    I also removed my other 2 plant aquarium tubes and replaced them with 1 cool white and 1 warm white. That was this morning.

    No is 3:32 am I look at the plants lowest leaves are yellow and soggy looking, Next set is drooping very low and the remainder of the leaves are also drooping. Some of the higher leaves tips are curling upwards.

    I suspect 1 of two things: either plant and aquarium bulbs where better than the others, I reinstalled them in hopes of a recovery, plant will be on 24 hour light for the night.

    or that the cool white and warm whites were so much better that it caused the roots to suck up all the water in the soil (which was much much dryer than it was this morning) and make the plant thirsty and dry up

    I also touched the 2nd node leaves right above the yellow soggy ones, these are dry to the point where they are crisp.

    Update: 1 of the lowest soggy looking leaves has shriveled up. I see small yellow spots on some leaves- possibly nute burn?
    I'm concidering taking the plant outside for sunlight.
  2. im not a pro just started growing, but dude youre soil looks nasty as hell.. looks almost like clay, and you really should have that soil filled to the top. hopefully a pro will be able to comment but thats what ive noticed so far. hope this helps :)
  3. The soil is fine, I know it looks wierd but it's good stuff.

    The pot being filled to the top: I was going to transplant it today and add more soil under it until now because it looks like it's dying.

    Fertilizer im using is 15%-5%-10%
  4. Transplanted.

    I exposed a root or two during the process but I covered it back up.
    I ended up diagnosing this issue myself as a lack of water, along with nute burn.

    I loaded her up with h20 and put her outside to get some sunlight for the next few hours..I want to check the PH but im scared to disturb the roots more than I already have for the day so I'll probably check it tommorow or sunday.

    Still waiting on feedback ;p
  5. +rep for taking iniative and not whining because no one responded

    I hope your plants recover.

    Good luck.
  6. You should really, really, really, really, really, not host pictures of illegal things on your personal website, where all the info you used to register it (name, addy, phone #) is public info, and if you do, for the love of God don't post it on a public board where I'm sure *someone* is watching, given the recent events at OG. I hope J. W. is not a real person, and that the XX police don't come a-knockin, because they and everyone else can see the address, phone #, and full name of the person who registered that domain.


    Removed the personal data since you might remove the link later and I don't want it floating around here.
  7. I appreciate the advice on the website thing, I'm not concerned about that though. :)
    I have my bases covered.

    As far as the plant, any thoughts?

    I just brought it in from a long day out in the sun, and put it under my other lights.
    I see a bit of improvement, nothing too reassuring.

  8. Noid,
    I did a search on your soil and found out some very interesting things. First off, you soil isn't even soil. Yup, that's right. Its not soil it is soil-less. Secondly it is specifically designed to "retain water" which is very bad and why your lower leaves are droopy crumbled and over-watered. Third off, the soil has nutrients in it which is very bad in-and-of-itself but, you are also adding ferts and this is why the yellow lower leaves are getting burned to shit. Maybe one day if you want to grow Daisies and Pansies you can use this garbage but for pot, you should get rid of it ASAP.
  9. Aye aye Smkn,

    How should I go about the transplant?
    Should I transplant it with a clump of what its already in?
    Is there a way to purge the soil off the roots in a safe manner to transplant it?
  10. Do you have any decent soil to transplant it in? If so transplant it in that. I would use generic potting soil without nutrients, which has vermiculite, perlite, sphagnum moss etc already in it. When you are ready to transplant it just wash off the roots getting all of that junk soil off it. I would then tell you to flush the plants but, that is probably a bad idea since they are already over-watered. Just get them out of that soil and they will have a chance.
  11. Transplanted into Earthgro organic potting soil, Has perlite, compost, no ferts, and spent the day outside.

    I now have it inside and under the lights, until the sun comes back up tommorow.

    I had to replant it with a lot of the old soil, I tried to remove most of it but it would not come off, the roots developed very well in it and it felt like if I messed with the soil too much the root would come off before the soil did.

    I couldnt find any tranplanting hormone, so instead I covered the big soil ball with rooting hormone powder used for helping clones grow roots, I figure if it helps something with no roots make them, it will help this root into the new soil. I then watered it with about 1/2 a Liter with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide in it to get some oxygen to the roots.

    Hope this works.

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