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    Hi guys this is off my main thread, what has happened ive had a few bug problems lately which havent hurt my plant, tonight ive just had a look and i can see thousands of tiny like grey dots moving on the soil.

    Ive just put 2 litres of water with 'neem oil' in, through her and removed the top inch or two of soil and replced with more fresh soil and 50% perlite and put half a dozen rocks on top of the soil, and put 'potato slices all round the soil' this basically is everything that i could see to do (without buying pro stuff) my question is although she dont seem damaged yet - is this bad news??

    Im 36 days into flower and have very good growth all round and good bud size so far.....

    what should i do?????

    P.s im in uk so cant get no pest strips etc..

    My main thread -- Help My first grow with a CUTTING in abslute begginers has more detailed info on her history and pics..

    Many thanks GC community

  2. sounds like you did all you could do hope it works!!
  3. for pests ontop of the soil use sand like an inch and water it the bugs shouldnt be a problem anymore
  4. Cheers for comms guys.

    Well its 2 days since now, and i guess i did it, no sign of anything and the plant is looking extra healthy and buds really filling in.

    For the complete update go to - Help My first grow with a CUTTING in absolute beginners..

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