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Emergency DT

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Slurpeee, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. oo answer your questions already, i looked at the stickies :)

    I am 5'10 185lbs and pretty fit. I have smoked once a week for about 2 months, and once yesterday (Weds night), got a call saying i have to drop tomorrow at 1pm (Friday)..... I've been slamming water and running, and i bought some omni extra strength flush... guy at the counter said i needed 48hours, but said i should be good with around 40. Plan is to go by some cranberry juice and slam water and work out all rest of tonight, then slam the omni 2 hours before the DT tomorrow and drink water, then piss mid stream......... WILL I PASS!?!??! :hello:

    Should i tell them im sick and push it back to this monday? How much will it help!?
  2. DO NOT EXERCISE THE DAY OF THE TEST! keep drinking and just dilute the shit out of ur pee. if it's a lab test though, i seriously recomend taking creatine (weight lifting supplement) b/c companies test ur levels to see if you've dilluted, and also take viamin b12, which will make ur piss more yellow to also make it look less likely you've diluted. good luck
  3. I thought cranberry juice helps your pee seem normal? And im dont excercising tonight, won't do it tomorrow. I am also drinking ton's of water.... dont think i have time to buy anything else vitman wise.
  4. just drink a ton of water and dilute the shit out of it. then once they test it you will have to retake the test when you have more time to clean your system. i dont see how you could get in trouble for drinking a ton of water just say you were feeling sick so you have been drinking lots of water
  5. If i had to retake it i wouldn't chance it and would get the same solution.... time is not on my side right now
  6. you guys must not have taken drug tests... if its a court ordered test, which i assume it is because you refered to it as having to drop, which is what they call it at the cap office here, a diluted test is considered a fail, no retaking it, no excuses, youre screwed if you dilute.
  7. No its a job

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