Emergency: 14/27 Plants Dead. Help Me Save The Rest

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Broodnath, May 27, 2013.

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    This is an outdoor grow. I built a tent with the material that you use for windowscreen. This is the situation. I just panicked when I saw that of the 14 that were still alive, one died and 5 more are yellowing or browning. I found some insects on them because there was a leak in the shelter but the plants didn't appear to be gnawed on so I'm beginning to think its PH. The insects looked like tiny shrimp maybe twice the size of an ant. I had never seen these insects on the plants before. my mix is 40% peat moss 15% worm castings 40% organic potting soil (soon to be transfered to a fully organic soil mix that i have cooking.) I heard from Oldpork that peat moss can burn them. He recommended dolomite lime. I havent tended to my plants in 5 days due to a trip that I was going on but a friend of mine watered them 4 days ago, I felt the soil deep down and it was still wet so I don't think that was the issue. Also they haven't grown AT ALL since i last saw them 5 days ago. Some of them are really small looking as you will see in the pics. I don't know why I suck at this so bad. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Please help me I invested 1.2k into this...If the leaves are brown 50% and green 50% are they saveable?  Here's the pics which I know are not the best but its the best quality I can get with my camera on my phone.
    What I want to know:
    -Firstly, is it possible to reverse the ones that are sort of brown? I know the one thats completely brown is fucked.
    -Secondly, what is wrong with them?
    -Third, how do I save them?
     -Are they doing alright for plants that are one and a half months old?
    Time is of the essence, the longer I don't take action, the more will die. I have no idea whats wrong. I have a ph tester that im gonna try tomorrow. 

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    i looked one of the stickies on this forum and found that these symptoms matched my plants. is this correct? If so what do i do to add nitrogen? magnesium? 
     Yellowing - Lower/Middle Leaves - Yellowing of the lower leaves/older growth is a sign of a possible Nitrogen (N) deficiency. Nitrogen is a transferable element (this means the plant can move it around as needed). If a plant is not receiving enough Nitrogen from the roots then it will rob Nitrogen from the older growth. Plants that are Nitrogen deficient will exhibit a lack of vigor and grow slowly resulting in a weak and stunted plant that is significantly reduced in quality and yield. In a Hydroponic system, usually the pH is too high and has locked out the available Nitrogen. In soil a yellowing of the lower leaves could also be an indication of a root bound plant (see Root Bound below).
    Leaf Curling Up - Leaf curling up can be a sign of a Magnesium (Mg) deficiency caused by too low of a pH level. Magnesium deficiency will show as a yellowing (which may turn brown and crispy) and interveinal (in between the veins) yellowing beginning in the older leaves. Interveinal chlorosis (yellowing) will start at the leaf tip and progressing inward between the veins. It could also be a sign of excess heat andhumidity in the grow room.
  3. I think you're problem is related to ph, and since you provided no ph run-off measurement it will be near impossible to get at your issue. I hate to say it friend, but your plants look rather pitiful, and whether any are salvageable is questionable also. But, if you can ascertain a ph run-off, we might be able to save a few, but be prepared to add weeks to their growth schedule because they're set back.
  4. I think you're problem is related to gross inexperience ...remove any dead or dying plants and start again with seedling mix in plastic black 4 inch pots and transfer to potting mix in 3 gallon pots in 3-4 weeks, no food for the first month
    good luck
  5. today I put a handful of dolomite lime near the root of each of the plants and did some light watering. hopefully i'm on the right track. the p.H was around 6
  6. Lime is slow reacting, I'm afraid you too late.
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    This is the worst most wrong advise you could get. PH is absolutely not the big deal every one makes of it. It doesn't not have to be that accurate. And if you don't believe me go to the General Hydroponics web site and read what they have to say about PH. Of course plants in soil have to be flushed regularly to keep nutes and salt build up but your not even close to that phase yet. 
    Ph has absolutely nothing to do with it. Do not add anything as that is exactly what beginners do and it always makes it worse. Your plants are fried from too much nutes or too much light or something you put in that mix. Is It possible they almost died from no water, then were watered just before they died? That's something else that could cause that look. 
    You should start seeds in seed starter from home depot or just use peat moss. I've used peat moss to germinate seeds for years. Just put the seeds in as small container with seed starter or pete moss and keep it fully moist until they break through in a couple days. Seed starter is just pete moss with fine bits of perlite so ether will work. And you don't need to do anything to the seeds first. Just put them in the mix and keep it very wet until they pop out. and don't add anything to it. just water it. When they are ready to transplant to a larger container don't add a bunch off crap you don't need just use potting soil if you can' afford it. better yet go to the hydro store and buy fox farms soil or something like that.
    Warning! 70% of what you read on this web site are myth, or just plain wrong and almost always unnecessary.. This thread is proof of it.
    If you do nothing else but Don't add too much nutes, don't water too much, and dont give them more light then they can handle, then you will get descent results  If you think you can add things to fix problems you will just make them worse.
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  9. hmm, this thread is no help at all. you guys suck. ill try another area of the forum
  10. Get a pH pen and read more. Or uh start again when your organic mix is ready. Your soil also has like no perlite in it.
  11. To whom it may concern:
    You have a big mouth, a wide trap that overrides common decency, and demonstrates you a glittering gem of monumental ignorance. Anyone with one eye and half sense knows how important ph is to nutrient uptake and the lack thereof. You seem to favor consistently reverting to logical fallacies as your preferred style of argument, it only shows you have an immature philosophical method. We'll let the community decide this issue, less I get banned, cause let me say this, you don't want to get into a piss fight with a skunk, you'll lose every time. :mad: :devious:

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