Emerald Mountain Medicine 3600W Flowering Room!!!

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    Hey there guys! Here is Emerald Mountain Medicine's (A daspensary in the greater Denver area) first crop in flowering. It is sparse due to our veg time being longer than expected and a few plants getting larger than expected due to irregular clone sizes.

    Next crop will be started from seed so we can establish our mother plants and stabalize a few choice strains.

    Running in the flowering room now is 303 , Mountain Kush, Black Velvet, and Whiteberry.

    Here are the pics!


    Hope you all enjoy! This is Day 1 of flowering using Botanicare Pro Blend Bloom, with Liquid Karma, and Calmag just added to the mix! I will update week by week!


    Here is one of our 303's
  2. Here is what we are running with
    -Hand built top fed rail system with seperate res's for seperate nutient regiments
    -Digital Electronic 600watt HPS Grow Light X 6 3600 Watts of fun
    -12inch Reflector
    -Hortilux 600watt HPS Bulbs (95,000 Lumens) X 6 3600 Watts of fun
    -8" Can Fan (Intake)
    -8" Can Fan (Outtake)
    -12" NASA grade Carbon Scrubber
    -General Tools PH501 Digital Pocket PH Meter
    -HM Digital Pocket Size PPM Meter
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  4. wow man tha looks really good.. what kind of plants you got goin on in there.. also how big is your room:confused:
  5. nice set up, youre right about those clones being a lil staggered in size.. when you get that room dialed in youre gonna be pumpin some weight man. nice work

  6. The big ones are 303 and Black Velvet, the smaller plants are Rocky Mountain Kush and White Berry in a 12x15 flower room

    Ty sir, certainly cannot wait!
  7. You grow everything for your patients or you got suppliers too? Im kinda local and wanna check out the dispensary sometime.
  8. I currently work with suppliers as well as my own product, mainlye due to some bad clones bringing powdery mildew into my op and ruining everything....Sooo square one after this harvest, so suppliers untill I have the new crop keyed up :)
  9. Hey guys, been dealing with some sick plants, but after lower my PH from 6.2 to 5.8 running a flush and mixing up a new batch of nutes I seem to be doing slightly better, here is week 2 of flowering pics! Enjoy :)

    4 10 10 (1).JPG

    4 10 10 (3).JPG

    4 10 10 (4).JPG

    4 10 10 (7).JPG
  10. nice setup bro. you should be set.
  11. Thank you sir, hopefully everything is perfect :)
  12. Here is Week 2 3rd set of pics! Got some crystals showing now, enjoy!

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  14. nice update!! lookin good. how are they smelling?
  15. Hey there, ty much, i am proud of them :) yes the smell is getting crazy! Lucky for us the carbon scrubber helps with that :)
  16. Quick Update: After realizing that my Nutrients were Botanicare pro bloom SOIL I switched to the Hydrofarm version and now have also added CalMag to the nutrient regiment

    Nutrients Now:
    Botanicare Pro Bloom Hydro
    Liquid Karma

    Guys have any suggestions for other needed suppliments? or will this cover the flowering stage nicely? I have heard good things about floralicious and Nirvana
  17. Come on people, stop posting in that 75w cfl scrog in the crawlspace and take a look! :p
  18. I really dont understand how some of these peopl have 90 pages of replies on thier journsls that are by no means better or worse than mine....Yet, I can barely keep my post on page 4...
  19. Good thing you caught that nute mix up =) I still haven't cracked my bottle of floralicious yet , not sure if i'm gonna use it. I got a sample of bloombastic i'm gonna try as a booster. I have heard good things about koolbloom and floralicious though.

    Your grow looks killer , just keep spamming us pictures. People will catch on , I tend to stick to my subscribed threads so catching new ones is tough.
  20. Never saw this before looks sick. Pulls up chair and sparks bowl.

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