Emerald Harvest

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  1. Has anyone used Emerald Harvest in soil? I was given a sample of their Professional 3 Part series and was wanting to try it out.

    I currently run fox farm OF.

  2. I use to just use Tiger Bloom and Awesome Bloom, for my bloom supplement throughout my flowering cycle, but I have added King Kola to that mix and have had much better results using all 3 together. I grow all my plants with FFOF, and only supplement it with sulfur to balance my ph. The only thing to remember is that you should only use 1/2 the recommended value. If I recall KK is 8ml per gallon, so I use 1 teaspoon of FFTB, 1 teaspoon TAB, and 3/4 teaspoon EHKK. Instead of 1 1/2 teaspoons of the recommended EHKK feeding value.
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  3. I'm interested in emerald harvest. Any one have experience with them? Perhaps in soil? LateNiteToke, are you liking your three part sample? I'm leaning on this route: the two part nutrient series along with their supplements and some mammoth P. I'm eyeballing their line of nutrients and trying to gather information online but there isn't much since the company is fairly new. I kind of need to move fast on purchasing nutrients and possibly supplements. Previous grow, I was using aptus nutrients and wouldnt mind using them again but I want to try something else different.

  4. Just placed an order. you can get a whole line starter kit for 50 bucks when retail value is 240! Holy smokes! I'll make a grow journal for Eh line of nute. Keep an eye out :)
  5. I use all FF these days ocean forest happy frog too... And the entire dirty dozen line up along with the two new bush docs that haven't made it to the set yet but already on the feeding schedule... Along with PHin water out solutions and call mag don't ever forget it I don't think I didn't over 150$and I bought three quart sizes of the trio soil bc those pint jars in the dirty dozen set goes fast of only those three things though the others last a while

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