embracing the friend zone..

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  1. does anyone else just hate when they're friend zoned? and its worse when the girl happens to be attractive. this girl who has friend zoned me, calls me "baby" and shit, as if we're dating. this is such a lead on and its only teasing me even further. this "brother, sister" bullshit is just ridiculous. what if either one of us starts dating? should i continue my relationship with her as it is, or should i keep my distance and pursue a genuine relationship? any thoughts relating to my situation or not would be appreciated.
  2. Move on and she'll realize what she gave up.

    Stay and she'll be your best friend...
    Which sucks
  3. "hey, wnna be friends with benefits?"

    if she catches feelings, its a win if you wanted a relationship also.
  4. You could just be friends. I have this extremely attractive blonde friend thats a chick. I get to talk to her and ask questions that she would never answer honestly to a boyfriend.

    One night she got drunk and tried to make out with me, so even as a friend there are possibilities, but dont befriend her just for the possibility of hooking up.

    Also it shows maturity that you can be a friend with a woman without constantly trying to get in her pants

  5. Not rly, mostly just shows your a pussy...
  6. get out of it asap. letting it linger in the friend zone when u like her is just painful. either stop talking to her or just throw caution to the wind and tell her u like her; i did the latter option once and it didnt work out, but it was so much better than the two months before where she was always txting me and shit while not interested in dating. funny thing was as soon as i was done with her she said she liked me too... but at that time i had honestly lost all feeling for her and just brushed it off with jokes.
  7. Or, be a friend to her. Don't fall for her baby chit and teasing. Treat her as one of the guys. Be real and treat her as a true friend (if she is not an airhead).

    She may end up chasing you. :smoke:
  8. I've been in the friend zone for years at a time, with who i thought I loved forever, i told her I really liked her, then she slept with my best friend. I ended up finding someone even better then her though, but I think I might be in the friend zone with the new girl too..............Damn
  9. As a friend, you may have an inkling into her likes/disllikes.

    Her dreams, her passions, her wants and desires.

    Can you be that man?

    Step up and realize that life is about taking worthwhile risks, on the right occassion. Evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Be mellow, yet slightly aggressive. Look in her eyes. :smoke:
  10. oh, i almost forgot to add that outrageously, my friend (who has friend zoned me), went as far as offering me sex, which i cant interpret as a joke or if she actually wants it, though im willing to bet its a joke. i just cant comply how a female can even joke about that kinda stuff. its a serious piss off and its just leading me on.

  11. Next time she offers, say yes. If she says she's joking, tell the bitch to not joke around like that.
  12. yea,but you gotta be able to take a joke sometimes....

    maybe tell her how u feel:confused: If it bothers you so much:confused:
  13. yeah honestly i say do what everyone else is saying and just forget about it...Maybe she will realize what she lost and come to you, and if she does you can decide than, if not than you can start getting over it. Believe me man i have been with many females but i have been hurt by many more, i know it sucks. Move on its all you can do
  14. I got friend zoned about 5 years ago. We've been married and getting stoned together for 4 years now.:) Do ya thing homie.Hope it works out for you.
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    You're title says it all. EMBRACE the friend zone. You are lucky enough to be where you are around a girl that you obviously care for. You may not be in the exact position that you want to be in but that cannot matter. What matters is that you are where you are with her for a reason and it will work out the way it is supposed to. The only thing that you can really do at this point is love her for being your friend and hope that one day things could swing in your favor. Start loving the present because it's what the future becomes.
  16. no matter what you do dont do this,

    this will destroy the relationship completely and make you look like a pussy cause you were friends with her for so long and never tried anything.

    Op i would use her as leverage to get a better girl...

  17. Seriously?:confused::confused:

    your sounding like the girl here.:eek:

    People joke about sex all the time. Joke back to her about sex, just treat her like any friend.

    I and most people I know have at least a dozen girls who their friends with, they're just people man.
  18. [quote name='"purrplee"']Move on and she'll realize what she gave up.

    Stay and she'll be your best friend...
    Which sucks[/quote]

    This. Start to distance yourself. This way you won't hurt as much and then she'll want you more and more with time. It may be that she'll only want you as a friend or she may develop feelings. But u really gotta lay off her for a few months then if you're comfortable, start to chill with her a little and be flirty. Then make your move!
  19. [quote name='"Canada x 420"']
    no matter what you do dont do this,

    this will destroy the relationship completely and make you look like a pussy cause you were friends with her for so long and never tried anything.

    Op i would use her as leverage to get a better girl...[/quote]

    i disagree. i did it before and it got the job done. i knew it wasnt going anywhere so i figured just time to break it off after giving it a last shot. she liked someone else so i said daamit and when i stopped talking to her she stopped talking to me too. i knew i didnt wana be her friend, i could stop myself from liking her but not if i was gona talk to her alot. ironically a week or so later she told me she liked me too but i was so happy to be just worrying about myself that i didnt want to go out with her anymore.. so i just acted like she was joking and she soon got the message and gave up.
  20. As Chris rock said, women can have platonic friends, the emergency dick, men only have women they havnt fucked yet, they were headed there made a wrong turn somewhere and wound up in the friend zone.

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