Embers as heat source?

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  1. I'm not completely sure where this post should be located, so I figured i would put it here(i was high when i discovered this:smoke:). Also I'm not sure if this is a completely original idea, but it sure did help me out. I hope it will at least help someone out :)

    Anyways, on to the topic.

    My friend and I were sitting in a state park relaxing today. We started to pack a bowl but realized we only had about 5 matches. With so few matches we decided to try to light a dry twig on fire and wait for it to ember. Once the end of the stick was an ember, we just rested it on top of the packed bowl.

    MAN. The ember burned so little of the weed, and both my friend and I were getting FAT rips out of my piece. It was so smooth that my first hit I didn't think that the twig had burned anything, but exhaled a very considerable amount of smoke.

    And keep in mind. My piece was a bargain deal at a local head shop. So very thin glass, incredibly hot and harsh on the throat, and a tendency to feed you some scoobs.

    3 bowls later, both me and my friend are never using a lighter if we dont have to. Honestly, this is the one technique that i'm going to be using religiously. Next time your out in nature and you have a little stick or twig next to you, try this. You'd be surprised.
  2. Seems like I recall hearing that hookas use a burning ember placed on top of the bowl...
  3. hookahs use coals that never contact the tobacco. The ember that is on the end of the stick only burns what it touches.
  4. The ash on the coal prevents the burning ember from touching the tobacco. This is why you can walk on burning embers, the ash layer keeps your foot away from the actual burning ember....
  5. Ive always seen hookahs with tin foil or a metal plate that holds them just above the collection of tobacco.
  6. sounds to me like you smoked a stick.

  7. damn straight. we used an aspen tree twig and it tasted amazing :smoke:
  8. Yumm aspen tree, for some reason i don't think it tastes as good as it smells.

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