Embarrassing things you do while stoned around girls..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Larebare, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Not too long ago i had some dank bud that i was planning on taking over to my best friends house and just smoking it up with him because he's back from college for christmas break.

    What i did was, i called him and i had it already rolled up and everything, and he told me to just go to his house.

    I show up, and it's just us, so i say hey man lets go out and cheif this in your garage really quick, so we get the iPod dock and start smoking.

    Halfway though the blunt, (i'm already stoned) , and he gets a call on his phone. The conversation feels like it lasts forever, but we keep smoking though it, and i only hear one side of the conversation. "hey! What's up?" "yeah, just me and Lawrence sitting here listening to music, and smoking" "yeah haha for sure!" blah blah blah, "Yeah come over! we'll be in the garage."

    So the whole time i'm wondering who it is, and when he hangs up i ask.

    He tells me it's his girlfriend, and she's bringing her friend that i hadn't met before, but i've heard of her.

    So i'm blitzed, and we put out the blunt to wait for the girls, it's almost to the roach.

    So i'm sitting there listening to music, but thinking to myself, wow i'm so high, what am i going to say to these girls?

    As i'm still thinking about it, in they come, and the mood changes like it always does when friendly talkative girls walk into the room :p which i have no problem with, but i'm not at all social when i smoke, i'm more of an observer when i smoke. I enjoy trying to figure people out haha, idk.

    But anyway, we say hi and all that jazz, and we light up the blunt. I just told them they could smoke the rest because i was good and there wasn't all that much of the blunt left, then all the sudden i started getting the heart beat thing going on. Haha, idk why i was so paranoid, his girlfriend is really cool, and so was her friend. I guess the whole change in mood was what got me.

    I started feeling uncomfortable in my chair, my eyes felt so dry, and my forehead felt like it was drooping off my face.

    I couldn't stop fidgeting, and i was focusing so much on myself that i couldn't pay any attention to what anyone was talking about.

    I thought to myself "i better get the hell outta here", so i just got up without saying anything and left to get a drink.

    It was surreal when i went inside, my heart was pounding and i felt like it was going to explode! I've never freaked out like that before while smoking, i mean, i've had the heart beat thing going on, but nothing like that.

    After i got my drink i just went back into the garage and told them i was going to head out, but as i was talking i mixed up what i was saying and they laughed :p I laughed too, but i felt retarded as fuck.

    I drove home and went to bed, only to wake up the next morning thinking to myself "wow, i'm retarded" haha!

    I hope you guys have a ton of these kinds of stories being stoned around girls.

  2. Pick my nose and eat it. Jokessss
  3. Was with my gf and few other girls and dudes on new years last year. They had 2 bongs laying on a ghetto plastic chair with a broken leg none the less. Its like a 2 inch space to get by to get to the porch because we had a bon fire outside.

    Im thinking we got this haha ended up tipping both bongs over and breaking the down stem on one and didnt break the other.

    I felt so bad i was supposed to smoke the girl out a lot to pay back haha but ended up gettong arrested 15 days later.
  4. was she cute or what ? Sometimes I might send some goofy texts or whatever to girls when I'm high but I just try and be chill like usual

  5. Haha, yeah man, they're both cute.
  6. Haha I can give a little story from last summer. I went into the city with a fifth and a couple joints rolled, just me looking to meet new people and generally have a good time.

    I was going from bar to bar when I met this one girl on the street and we started talking and ended up hanging out for most of the night. She was pretty cool, I could tell that she smoked, so when we got to my car later that night I asked if she wanted to get high. We did.

    I was more stoned than expected by the end of the session, and our normal conversations started to become weird to me. I started thinking about human conversation in general and how people use it for different things and with different motivations, etc. My thoughts got wayyyy too deep and I was trying to hold a conversation, but I could hardly find the right words anymore.

    I looked into her eyes, and you know sometimes when you look into someones eyes and you know they want to make out? I felt like I was getting that vibe, and we were both kinda drunk so I figured what the hell, you know?

    But my thoughts were still racing in my head about conversations and motives and shit like that, as I kept looking at her. I felt super weird at that point, so without saying anything, I just opened the car door and got out. She was like what the hell? After she got out of the car I said I needed some fresh air lol. Needless to say, nothing ever happened.

  7. Ahah! Man this is exactly the same kind of stuff i think about, like i'll get so into the ideas that i'll be thinking about, it'll be come this introvert conversation with myself and lose all interest in conversation with the person, so they're stuck on the other side with half ass weird responses from me haha, and yeah i usually just end up leaving the situation, and the person being like wtf?

    Ahah, that's so funny man, i wonder if any chicks get that feeling.
  8. Haha, i'll usually let them know before we smoke that i just get "quiet" little do they know what's really going on. xD Rapid thought of deep creative thinking/ totally ignoring what they're saying and stuff :p It's funny how that works.
  9. when I'm sober im not awkward, just awkward things happen like i bump into girls,reach for the same thing accidentally touch their ass, weird eye contact its happens ALOT, but when im stoned around girls im smooth AS FUCK!
  10. Well since I'm a girl, the same happens to me but with guys. I feel like I get so QUIET around guys that I am not really close with. Like around my guy friends and best girl friends I feel fine and don't mind acting like idiots, but around cute guys or just a lot of boys (because they always love having huge smoke seshes) I grow very quiet. And I'm afraid to say something too weird because I get SO deep in my thoughts and observations about EVERYTHING, and everything is so interesting and bizarre to me. Surely anything I would say in that state of mind would sound strange to everyone else because I always feel nobody is as high as I am. I get high really easily, especially with bongs, and all the guys I know LOVE bongs and drop mad money on them. They can handle way more rips than I can, so I get high so much faster... I also just feel like my facial expression changes, and my eyes get very glassy and red. I don't know, I'd much rather smoke with a group of people I'm really comfy with. But I still love smoking with new people because it's a social thing that brings you together with a fellow weed smoker.
  11. This may not be the worst but i do it often and get embarrassed every time i do it, and that is think of something funny very suddenly and just bust out with a loud noise that sounds like a dying laugh lol thanks for reading see you :wave: its time to :bongin:
  12. I just smile.
  13. I have said some stupid joke and then laughed my ass off with my friend over the joke I made and the girls were like wtf are they laughing about? I didn't give a fuck though.
  14. Right on, haha, it's good to hear i'm not the only one.

    Yeah, i get high easily too, and i even smoke on a regular basis. But it's not like i don't enjoy it, its just all the things that you just said.

    But i agree with you about the whole smoking in a small group, i'm the same way with parties. A really cool group of like 10-12 people can be a lot of fun to drink with, better than a huge party where you don't know anyone.

    But for my smoke sessions, i prefer people that i've already met and am comfortable being myself around :p i know that sounds insecure, but it's just a comfort thing i guess.

    But i do enjoy smoking with new people too :p

    Thanks for sharing from the female side :smoking:

  15. Ahaha! yeah man, i sometimes let out one of those old man prospector laughs, the kind that sounds like you're letting out all your air xD

    And then quickly realize no one knows what it is i'm laughing about.
  16. did you get your name from the tv show, Heroes - claire "claire bear" bennet?
  17. lol i was so stoned eating food at my brothers friends house, (this kid had like a mini party) so im scarfing down food in this kids kitchen and this hot girl comes in and it was a few ppl in the kitchen, i accidentally coughed from eating so fast and food came out my mouth lmfao it was so shot but hilarious now that i think about ti

  18. lol im defitnetly like that too when im around new people and im mad high i just cant control what i feel and think lmao, i overanalyze and overthink everything and then when that happens im just like "fuck this shit" and i go somewhere else

  19. Haha! No man, my friends all just call me larebare for some reason :p :smoking:
  20. I got a bj high from a chick and i was so stoned i legitly fell asleep, she woke me up and was pissed and im just like dude i was really high and shes like wtf

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