Embarrassing moment at school (flashback).. Knocked out of the spelling bee....

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  1. I was just thinking back to this moment.  It was embarrassing and I really let myself down.  I just could've done so much better.
    It was the 8th grade (maybe 7th) and there was a school spelling bee. Winner of the spelling bee would go to the next contest for a bigger prize.  To me spelling bees were for "nerds."  A guy like me doesn't do spelling bees. What do I care?  Well, I still wanted to win it and believed I could.  The teacher held the contest in class to see who would be in the school spelling bee (during school hours so it was fine with me).  I beat everyone in the class but I was stumped by the teacher on the spelling of the word "cemetery."   I could spell any word except cemetery.  Anyway I still scored best in the class and went on to the school spelling bee...hosted by my English teacher.
    First word when I get on the stage, spell "cemetery."   She threw me a bone right here...I should have known the spelling of this word after getting messed up in class.  I did nothing to prepare though.  I completely blew it...out on this first word.
    I was able to spell every other word that people were given, I would have likely ended up winning it all.  That damn word "cemetery" killed me.

  2. Ironic that you were "killed" by a cemetary
  3. Dude, I had a similar situation in fifth grade. Won the class competition with words like magnetism and barracuda. Got to the next level and screwed up on sauce. Fucking SAUCE!
  4. In sixth grade I was in the school-wide spelling bee and misspelled 'obvious' in front of the whole school. Couldn't tell you how many times people told me how obvious the spelling of the word was that I got wrong...
  5. I laughed so hard after reading that
  6. In 5th grade, the whole class had a spelling bee. We were pretending it was like 100 years prior in a random country town for a week at my school. This included things like bobbing for apples and wearing dunce caps (for those who don't know, we used to put dunce caps on and sit on stools to demonstrate what idiots they were). I was in the spelling bee, slaying contestants left and right. One down. Then two. Then three. You get the idea.
    After what seemed like an eternity, I was in the finals. It was me and J______ C________. We kept going for several rounds to no avail. No soldier's powers were mightier when it came to spelling words. It was a glorious sight. Two equal beings contesting each others skills and dueling to the death.
  7. deoxyribonucleic acid.   I will never forget how to spell that word.  We had a pass/fail test where we had to spell that one word.  I couldn't remember so put down DNA.  It tickled the teacher's funny bone but he still failed me.  grrr!!  
  8. Did you tap into memories of my childhood and steal this story from me?

    Asshole. Don't do that again.
  9. And thus...I went on to win the spelling bee. :cool:
  10. i didnt want to be in the spelling bee.
    at all.
    1. for nerds
    2. too shy
    forced to be in it anyway, this is maybe 2nd grade? idk i blocked out most of the memory
    i was told to spell "grass"
    easy enough
    i was nervous yet so sure of myself that somehow i spelled "crass"
    everyone laughed. i didn't know why until the judge questioned me and then i denied it like everyone didn't just hear it and it was just a shitty day because kids are evil and stupid
  11. Nerd!

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  12. I too, had a similar situation lol. Won the 5th grade competition and when I got to the big one I messed up on pumpkin. I missed the p... pumkin. Pumkin?!

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