Embarrassing confession about my foreskin

Discussion in 'General' started by Omega369, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. When I was a kid, probably around 10 or so, I had no clue what a foreskin actually was. Kids talk about shit in elementary school, swear words, what sex is, masturbation etc. My friend told me he was circumcised and sex feels better for him, at the time I believed he already has sex even though we didn't fully understand what it was.

    I asked him what foreskin was and he said it's the tip of the penis where the hole is. That night I went home and really wanted to get cirucmsized, was sad because I still had the tip of my penis. I got a pair of scissors from the kitchen and snuck them into the bathroom where I tried to cut it off.

    I cut into the skin (not too deep), where the head meets the shaft and blood started dripping out. That's when I freaked out and stopped. I was too scared to tell my parents so I bandaged the head in tissue while crying.

    Fast forward to today, I now have a scar on my penis and it turns out I was already circumcised at birth due to my part middle eastern background.

    Thought I'd share. Anyone else do anything stupid when they were a kid?
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  2. Did not think so
    still putting toothpaste in other places too.
  3. I'll be honest, I don't remember my childhood.

    But I like to think I made up for all the stupidity I didn't recall well into my adulthood, but I can't talk about that here...Rules are rules and such; but I did end up in just about every ghetto West of the Mississippi, poor decision making skills due to my head injury.

    At least that's the excuse I always used.:coolalt:
  4. Trollolololol
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  5. Respect the man!, he was big on GC. Making legendary posts and all that. Before you even came around.

    Nice to see you back Omega
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  6. Sorry bro, I never realized the amount of posts on a forum equated to respect on here. In the real world it equates to social awkwardness and sock wanking. Extra respect points for dick mutilation though obvs.

    Also, got to respect the guy for being a member for almost 3 months longer than me eh? By that logic you should be giving me my props right now homeslice.
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  7. lol and the embarrassment begins sorry man didn't know you were a long time regular. I've been on here since 2014 and try to remember the regulars ..... but not all of them.
    not so much post count to respect, just making a name for yourself via posts and being out there
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  8. haha no worries
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  9. Nice to see a familiar face, didn't think anyone would recognize me or still be around! Thanks for the friendly welcome back!

    I used to use the grasscity forum app but it went to crap, didn't want to deal with the update version but decided to check out the place again.

    I'm definitely an awkward wanker but I prefer to jerk off into latex gloves and vegetable oil. When feeling rich right after a paycheque I'll do it into condoms and maybe pick up a bottle of hot and cold KY Jelly.

    Not that post count matters or date joined, but I've been here since 2008/2009(?) under a different username.

    Forum seems more quiet and different these days, or maybe I just got old.
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  10. ya the city is always evolving, and indeed it is a bit slower, defiantly not as good a content any more
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