Embarrassed, but how can I stop this?

Discussion in 'General' started by cheechchong_pt2, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. I got a few times laced weed where I had to go beat the shit out of some kids who gave it to me but's history now. Ever since then (I only smoke weed 1-2x a week by myself only) each time when I know I'll be smoking today, an hour to a few minutes before I roll up my weed I get this excitement where I have to go take a crap, sometimes more then once! After I get the high feeling, I feel fine again, how can I stop this from happening, very annoying!
  2. What the fuck?
  3. would you rather take the crap while you're high as opposed to before you smoke? lol
  4. Lol, I dont think you control shit dude. Its pretty natural. Just shit then smoke, or smoke a j while you sit on the crapper
  5. You prolly build up anticipation to smoke because you don't do it frequently. You know days in advanced, and you look forward to it. Sort of like when you play hide and go seek and you get a bomb hiding spot. I usually have to pee rather that poop, though. :smoking:
  6. im sorry but i had to say this is fucking hilarious, he builds up anticipation and has to shit, im not sure if this is funny ot anyone else may be the weed talking but when i read that i almost shit my pants, but on a serious note, motion, when i used to play hide and seek that would always happen to me so it just may be anticipation
  7. Yes I knew peole would be laughing their asses off, I know it is funny but like I said I been given laced weed a few times and after this I always stayed paranoid about the weed I'm about to smoke this is why I get this anticipation. And now I only buy weed from one single person, and I still can't cure this problem, really dunno how.
  8. shitting while high is 10x more intense. its fuckin awesome
  9. Lol your just anxious and you've got butterflies.
    Its normal, when you get used to smoking as a habit its not so incredibly exciting anymore.
  10. Man, that used to happen to me everytime I smoked no matter what. Everyday, if I knew I was going to smoke, I would have to "go" no matter what. And this was while I smoked everyday too. After a few months it stopped though, so I'm sure it will go away with time.
  11. just go to the bathroom before you go smoke.
  12. I have been smoking for nearly 3 years now, but this has been having for the past 4-5 months after I got that laced weed and get paranoid each time I'm about to smoke weed that this may do me bad as well.
  13. Its totally normal, it happens during any exciting or anxious moment (with stage fright, after a car crash, before a rollercoaster...)
  14. lol how embarrassing posting it here
  15. smoke weed more.

    i used to feel the same excitement before i smoked when i first started. but now that i'm a daily toker i don't really have those feelings anymore.
  16. IM glad im not the only one.

    It used to be that way for me, id be like, hell yea its time to go smoke, Time to shit. lol. and id go hapily go poop and go smoke, its not like that anymore, but since i smoke in my room all night long, i prefer to take my crap before i start smoking anyways still. Dont wanna get blazed as fuck and have to go downstairs in front of my mom lol. Best to get it out of the way man, dont be embarrassed, it happens to the best of us lol.
  17. Haha, that's not too unbelievable at all. I'd say get the shit over with - short term. Then for long term solution do some breathing exercises... meditation sessions... just to generally calm you down.

  18. I soo know what your talking about I always had to pee when i hade those dope hiding spots no one would find.
  19. forreal?? listen...yeah sometimees when im really high or relaxed i shit..but dunno if its just routines..i come home from work, drink tea or coffee and have a joint.i always shit after one of them.for some reason.maybe the weed relaxing my shit system, or ive even thoguht it was the cofee or tea, or the milk, in it. anything simalar to your also wiered case? lol

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