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  1. Ok, so I debated making a thread about this but no one here knows me so whatever. So I'm with this girl that I'm really digging and she liked me too so I thought everything was gonna be cool...We're chillin in my room watching some movie and we start making out. It's all good :cool:

    (lil info: I haven't gotten laid for like a year before this lol...)

    So, it's getting heavy and we start getting dirty but then as I'm thrusting, I realize she's just not into it. My confidence really took a plunge and I knew she knew, you know? But whatever, I try my best and finish...I just kept getting that vibe that she hated everything. ahh fuck I never felt so weird in my entire life.

    Fast forward. she leaves. A few hours later she sends me text and says she doesn't want to see me anymore and she thinks my dick is small anyway. LOL. I had a good laugh but it did hurt. In my defense, my dick isn't that small....but I guess she's used to porn stars :(

  2. :laughing:

    she didnt have to do you like that...

    you shouldve ate her out first...but if thats not your thing I understand...

    is this your first complaint?
  3. haha dude that sucks, but if it makes u feel any better Im 5'5 with a 5 inch wienie:(

    And his nick name is mighty mouse!
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    lol I did give her a little finger action before and she did blow me for a while...

    But I've never had a girl flat out say I have a small dick. my self confidence is about a zero. This all happened today btw

    oh yea and I think girls may have false hopes for me because I'm 6'3 so they must think I have a 12 incher lol

  5. Dude if your dick is at least 5" yer fine. For her to say that is down right fucked up man. Thats like calling a chick after fuckin her and telling her she is a ho bag. A decent person just doesnt do that.

    No matter what, that is gonna hurt, but I wouldnt let it bother u for too long.
  6. oh yeah...tall guys are expected to be packin...and bringin it

    but theres always 2 sides to the story...maybe she'd been with a really big guy shortly before you...and when that happens...yeah you dont feel anything
  7. she's incredibly hot so I wouldn't doubt that she's been around...lol

  8. Ouch. She is hot too eh?

    That makes it sting a lil more I bet. :D
  9. it sucks too when a gal has only had like one or two partners and they were a bit bigger than average, so then she thinks everything else is small.

    Boy am I glad I lost my v-card to a guy with a small weewee. HAH Everyone is HUGE.

    But no seriously... that's so wrong. Even if a guy had a little cock, I wouldn't say anything - unless he started some shit with me, then I'd throw that at him. Great button to push when a guy is running his mouth...

    I try not to though ;)

    But also... its not the size of the ship, its the motion of the ocean. I've slept with a guy with a big dick who didn't know how to use it right.. and I've slept with a guy who was around 5" and was still able to be really great in bed. Its all about good angles, etc...
  10. She's a bitch man. It's that simple. More than likely she said that to deliberately hurt you, on account of her bitch status. Count your self lucky and don't give it another second's thought.
  11. Ok Sergeant Small Sausage,

    Some casual bang-buddy thinks you're hung like a tic-tac.......

    Or a light switch.......

    Get over it..........there's nothing you can do about it anyway..

    Learn how to use that dimunitive dipstick like a champ and everything will work out fine,

    I wouldn't put too much weight behind what supertramp says anyway.....

    She might be like throwin' a hotdog (or a cocktail weenie in your case) down a hallway for all we know...

    You got your rocks off so just be happy with that.

    Someday you'll find "the one" and she won't care what size you are (so long as it's not too big) and life will be fine....

    Willie Wee Weiner
  12. What a bitch.
  13. You have a small dick?
    Or maybe...she has a big vagina?
  14. Props to you for laughing about it. The only good thing about her vagina is that childbirth will be a breeze. I dunno, I almost get the feeling that she attacked you preemptively before you said something about her vacuous hole.
  15. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfHqv8YAA9w]YouTube - Huge Vagina[/ame]
  16. when ever a girl wants to hurt a guy she always goes for the small dick card
  17. awww man thats fucked up you shoulda fapped first. forreal tho man fuck that skank you should have texted back her pussy breath smelled like jeff goldblum or something

  18. her pussy smells like jeff golblum? haha. I imagine him to smell rather good though. He is Jeff Goldblum.
  19. Hilarious.

    That is all. ^_^
  20. not after he got ate by that fuckin dinosaur. the smell of jew and dinosaur doesnt mix trust me.

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