Embarassing things you admit to liking..

Discussion in 'General' started by G13, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. For me it's.... the Nickelodeon & The Disney Channel. I'm still somewhat young, so it's not all bad, but still. College shouldn't = Spongebob Squarepants Lol.
  2. i watched that show called gossip girl

    it wasnt that bad

    i feel like a woman
  3. I used to be obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer in my middle school years.

    I'm not really embarrassed about it though... I find it easy to laugh at myself. :p

    But man, that Faith chick, she was fuckin' hot.
  4. lol I was hooked on that disney show 'so weird' in my late teens but thats hardly something embarassing

    Fi fuckin' still rocks but once that actress left the show I couldn't forgive the horrible writing 'n bad acting

    if memory serves I was also hooked on that whacked out canadian show fastforward on disney

    but common... jewel whats her name who later was on firefly is always cuteness
  5. ok i'll admit it.... i like to get completely blazed and watch star trek...

    it feels like im in space!!!

  6. I'd have to say those stupid reality dating shows that come on VH1... like Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Rock of Love with Bret Michaels, etc. Mainly because my girlfriend makes me watch them, but then I end up getting into it anyway. I realize how incredibly retarded they are and that a lot of it is fake but I still find it amusing. If anything it makes you feel better about yourself cause the people on those shows are so fucking dumb.

  7. I was deeply in love with Willow.:cool:
  8. cartoon network...fosters home for imaginary friends is always awesome...and all them shows...


    also, i have a habit of watching tacky reality shows...like that murder show on spike...shits like the worst idea ever "hey lets get a bunch of people who watch csi, and maybe they can solve a murder"

    yeah...and the history channel...

    once i watched lifetime, but it was just this little girl getting slapped around for like 2 hours, so i was like fuck it, cartoons:)
  9. I still sleep with a nightlight on.

    I've made out with a family member (2nd cousin, and I DID NOT know that we were family yet.)
  10. are you from my state of west vrginia ?
  11. this isnt too bad but i like playing tennis and after screwing up a year of college im now living back at home with the parents which is pretty embarassing if you ask me.
  12. lol..so my dad just got married over a year ago yada yada

    so now I have a step sister ive only known for a year thats 16, im 21. And this girl thinks i look at her butt...:confused: but ya she bends down in front of me and like i dunno man...its so weird, But i never said she was ugly, so I dont mind

    How can I get it across that I do not look at this girls butt?? I mean...it happens because she will be standing next to food which may coincidently be waist level and she will catch me eyeing food or something dumb and thinks im looking at her ass...

    gosh...I mean so many hot girls at community college, I have all week to look at as many fine buttocks as i wish(my own age btw), but my 16 year old step sister thinks I got the hots for her lol

    I dont think I should even bring it up or deny it, because whoever denied it supplied it right?? Im just gonna keep acting like I dont know what the fuck theyre talking about

    girls are so concided :(
  13. I used to watch Degrassi, and all those other teeny bopper shows on The-N up until 2 years ago, I still have all the episodes as well.
  14. I still watch cartoons, I'm a kid at heart.

    I still sleep wiht two of my stuffed animals, mostly as pillows for my back.
  15. Midget Porn.
  16. im kind of afraid of the dark
  17. Avatar: The Last Airbender tv show on Nickelodeon. Once you get past the lame jokes set for little kids, the show is actually pretty badass with awesome boss battles and sweet effects.
  18. I used to really like Rocket Power. :eek: I'm not ashamed to admit that I like Nicktoons (come on, Ren and Stimpy was a NickToon once) but Rocket Power was really cheesy. And I liked it. :eek: Aloha.
  19. Hmm.. definitely not a fan of kid's cartoons at all haha. I haven't watched nickolodeon or the disney channel since I was about 12.
  20. i used to love building legos, but that might turned out to be a good thing b/c im in college for engineering, so im not embarrassed about it now

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