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  1. I have 3 really good friends who I always chill with everyday and we are your average pot-heads. These 3 kids have been my friends since pre-k and we are all now 20 years old. They are all my boys but my friend Josh is starting to become a problem. In my town, he's known as the"town dirtball." I hate to say it but I can understand why he is labeled as this. He showers 1 time every 4 days, has green finger nails, sleeps til at least 5 p.m. everyday because he doesn't have a job, steals from people and is just basically a low life (hate to admit). When ever he sleeps over I get skeeved out and don't want him laying on my bed or any of my furniture but don't say anything because well, he's my boy. When I get up for work at around 7:30 a.m. and return to my house at around 4:45 p.m. he is still sleeping. Whenever he gets up and goes home, my mom washes the blankets he had used for the night. Every time. I feel bad but enough is enough already. Just the other day we were all gonna hit up a college party and we all went home to get ready for the night ahead of us. 45 minutes later my one friend picks us all up. He picked up me first then my other friend and Josh was the last to be picked up. We were all dressed fresh and then we roll up to Josh's house to pick him up. We saw him come out of his house with an old t-shirt and budweiser pajama pants on. I could not believe he had the nerve to do this. Right when he got into the car I knew he had not showered because of the horrible stench. Thank God i was riding shotgun. Could you imagine going to a college party wearing pajama pants?! None of us said anything because we felt bad. I was so embarrassed to say I was with him and eventually broke away from him for the night. I feel bad for him and don't want to say anything because he's one of my best friends. Neither do my other 2 friends. What should we do? How would you guys approach it? This isn't intended to be a joke it's just the truth and I just want some help. Thanks.
  2. Tell him to take a got dang shower and hint at him to do something productive besides resting up
  3. Throw a bar of soap at him and tell him to wash his stank ass.

    Seriously tell him he smells,maybe he'll get the hint and shower more often.Im sure hes aware he reeks,just needs people to tell him straight up.As for the no job thing thats a motivational problem,get him motivated somehow.
  4. how the hell do you get green fingernails?
  5. I'm guessing he doesn't have a grinder and he doesn't wash his hands...
  6. I use to have a friend exactly like that, he only wanted to hang if I would go to his house. But I could not stand the smell or general messiness of their house to ever go back.

    They had beer cans sitting there from months before, filled with the bottom of the beer and dip-spit. Dirt baby diapers just lying on the floor, their cats would knock their trash over in the kitchen and they'd just let it sit there, their food closet was literally stack about 3 1/2" tall with empty beer cans. Monster cockroaches crawling everywhere. I could go on and on.

    Still see the cat from time to time, he's a really cool dude so we still hang out...albeit very rarely. And never at his house.
  7. He's right. It's from breaking up the bud all the time and not showering. He has green shit underneath his fingernails all the time...

  8. I wonder if he scrapes that shit out and smokes it when he doesn't have any.
  9. This just made me lol hahah. I feel bad for laughing tho lol..

  10. Just don't smoke HIS weed lol, "special finger hash" yuck:eek:
  11. What the fuck? Who would live like that.
  12. lazy dopefiends who just wait every Thursday for that free money to get high all over again.
  13. If he's your bro like you say, you have to straight up tell him what you think. He'll take it better than if some other random dude tells him.

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