Embarassing but sneaky

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Tyrone_C, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. After a 40 minute Jamacan hotbox during lunch I forced myself to go back to school, high as hell. All my friends were as ripped as I was and decided they were going to skip off. All my teachers were watching me and I knew I'd be killed if I skipped again so I decided to go. Right when I got into the school people were telling me how bad I reeked. When I got to class I realized the teacher would be able to smell me so began asking if anyone had a sweater I could borrow to hold in the smell from my shirt at least. Due to the fact that it was almost summer no one really had a sweatshirt except this one girl. This teacher was already looking for signs of me doing drugs from past experiences, so I had no choice but to take the sweater.

    I'm a pretty skinny guy, but even so this shirt was tight as hell on me. It was also baby blue and zip up, definately not my style. When the teacher came into class she just gave me this extremely confused look. Looking back I must have looked hilarious, baked out of my mind with this really girly sweater on in the middle of June. I knew I was busted, but luckly she just said in a really confused voice "You look really tired." and I replied "Yeah, I didn't get much sleep last night because my goldfish died," - which sounded like a reasonable exuse at the time.

    The whole class laughed for like 5 minutes, because everyone knew what was going on but the teacher. Luckily I managed to get away with it and the story was well known in my school for a good month, although (luckily) not many people knew it was me. Gotta love getting out of tight school situations in creative ways:smoking:
  2. Whats a Jamaican Hotbox like?
  3. Gotta love doing almost everything in your power to get caught, and still managing to not. ( 1.) Smoking during school hours. 2.) Coming back to school high 3.) Not covering up.)

    Use your head, man. :confused:
  4. best thing ever, just go toke in a bathroom and when ur smoking turn on the shower as hot as it can.
    that way the room turns into a cool sauna/hotbox thingy.
    one time we did this at a party and forgot to turn off the shower when we were done, came back into the room like 30 min later and it was just pure steam.... like the walls were dripping with water it was so moist in there.

    good party:smoking: :smoking:
  5. Yeah they're pretty cool, I've only done it twice (420 this year was my second time). I'm not sure exactly how much higher it gets you because both times I did it I smoked way more weed than I'm used to, so I got ripped either way. The only problem is it can get really really hot to the point where it's uncomfterable, this is even worst if your drunk (again, 420).

    And Motion, usually I do use my head (with the exception of the smoking during school thing), which is what made this story kinda funny because for once I didn't. Usually I go in a bit red-eyed and get away with it, but you can get a 3 day suspension at my school (if my friend is telling the truth) for even smelling like pot.

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