embalming fluid

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. well, i've read like 50 articles on this shit, and so far the response is about 50/50 of it actually working or not

    i got 5oz's of the shit right now, and no cigarettes to dip in it haha, so i gotta wait til later to get some bud to lace with it

    couldnt find the real deal so i'm gonna find out for myself
  2. jesus christ man.

    that's some heavy shit.

    post back and let me us know how it went.
  3. so you have pcp right...not actual embalming fluid im just gonna assume you know what you're doing though. but 5 ounces isn't that like an assload of pcp haha have fun if ya do any of that...
  4. :eek:
    1 word: Envy.

    good luck with that shit man, let us know how it goes.
  5. I heard the repeated smoking of embalming laced bud leads to homocidal tendancies. LoL

    No joke.

  6. that's the first thing i thought about when i woke up no joke "neg's got embalming fluid" but of course i woke up 2 hours after you made this thread so hit me up on aim a little later man, take it easy
  7. OMG. Embalming fluid. Are you freakin kiddin me?

    So how does one first find out that embalming fluid will get your F***** up?

    You posted a thread last week "what the fuck did I do to my life" and reading

    it I felt bad for you. I also thought that you genuinely realized the type of things

    that messed up everything in your life thus far and was goin to make some changes

    to fix everything. I guess I was wrong.

    Have fun with the Embalming Fluid.


  8. formaldehyde will fuck you up goooddddd, and apparently you were wrong hahaa
  9. Whoa whoa whoa.

    We're talking formaldahyde?

    You're not serious, are you neg? C'mon, rethink this one, buddy.

    I have the upmost respect for you man, you're one of the few people who have a thorough knowledge of hard drugs and the responsiblity to use them appropriatley.

    I don't wanna disrespect you by shoving this in your face but...

    Just consider the long-term.
  10. Check out that last line. Taken from http://www.erowid.org/chemicals/pcp/pcp_info6.shtml. My sisters friend died from smoking a joint dipped in formaldehyde. Not a good choice man.
  11. i mentioned in another threadm how bizzy bone was talking about people going crazy from smoking joints that were dipped in embalming fluid.
  12. Neg, I luvs you but thats too desperate imo, im all for experimentation but theres some shit i just really dont see the point of getting ficked up on.
  13. Man, what happened to the days of just smoking a little bit of pot? Why do people want to seek out ways to get "messed up"?
  14. when i went to juve them made me watch a video about formaledhyde man ur about to smoke a presservative somthing that never goes aways its gonna collects around ur brain until one day you have smoked so much ur brain stops becuz of its ebalming fluid cocoon
  15. QFT

    Think this one through neg. Just keep it rasta mon.
  16. whas QFT?
  17. dont you have to dead to use that on ur body?? lol pretty sure last time i checked

  18. Lol, hes not trying to preserve his dead corpse, you can smoke embalming fluid and apparently it produces some kind of psychoactive effect.
  19. Im pretty sure hes talking about pcp...
  20. Well considering he says it's coming to his doorstep I assume it's from a chemical company, so it's probably fermeldahyde

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