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Embalming Fluid!?!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by armatage101, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. so ive been at IU (my first year of college) for about a month and im trying to get as many connects as possible. i was with a friend and we met this dealer and smoked a bowl with her.

    the bud looked very weird. it was darker and...moist i guess i should say. i looked at it, and it wasnt schwag; it had a lot of red/orange hairs on it, but it was very dark and damp.

    after we smoked, she told me it was sprayed with embalming fluid.

    first of all, VERY uncool for not telling me.

    second of all, i looked this up and its supposed to be like lacing pot with PCP. and formaldahyde is like the cheapass way of doing it.

    does anyone here have experience with shit like this? my friend bought it for 30 and eigth, and we smoke each other out a lot. should i keep smoking this shit? or should i just pass it up and toke on my lower-mid grade mids?
  2. u smoked wet,also known as betty or sherm. i dont fucks with it but its up to you, do some research.
  3. If it was pcp the dude likely woulda said pcp. Embalming fluid is gaining popularity though as smoking it produces effects similar to pcp. Say hello to brain damage.
  4. yea, some of my dudes have been wanting to get their hands on it for a while... the only thing I can say is, they put it in dead bodies for a reason guys...
  5. yeah i really dont feel cool smoking that anymore.
  6. It is not really Embalming Fluid. It is a term for weed soaked in PCP. If he were to smoke Embalming fluid he woul dhave gotten sick and thrown up or at least had a bad high.
  7. Yeah its a very common mistake to confuse embalming Fluid slang with actually Embalming Fluid.
  8. There's a reason it's only used on the dead.
  9. i've had a joint dipped in pcp before, it wasn't "embalming fluid" though :)
  10. i guess you didnt trip out after you smoked it? i would smoke pcp i wouldnt smoke embalming fluid. why do people put actual embalming fluid on weed thats so dumb, it doesnt have any effects does it?
  11. Dude... You didn't smoke real embalming fluid. And just FYI, formeldahyde has never been found in "wet"... It's PCP. "Embalming fluid" was a popular slang term for PCP in the 80's... It kinda stuck, and now people think that when you buy "embalming fluid" that you're getting formeldahyde.

    PCP has to be kept warm, or it goes bad.

    Do some research man....
  12. yea, but some dealers have also been confused, and have actually put real embalming fluid in their weed

    on the news awhile ago, a bunch of dumbasses stole like 8 bottles of embalming fluid from a morgue. they used it to lace weed with

    so yea its possible that you were really smoking embalming fluid.
  13. Embalming fluid is just a street term for PCP and is sometimes mixed with PCP. DON"T SMOKE IT! Embalming fluid is VERY carcinogenic!
  14. no i dont think it was pcp. i think it was actually embalming fluid. i smoked a lot of it, and i would think if it were PCP i would have noticed it. but it was different high, a little rougher, not bad actually.

    i think these fuckers just sprayed it with formaldahyde.

  15. It seems I stand corrected... That's gotta be a new things though... It's not something that was done in the past...

    Some people are just dumbasses... Smoking formeldahyde will likely put you in the hospital.
  16. Another hobbie of mine is Thanotology,which is the study of death and dying.
    Emblaming fluid is used by some idiots to get high with.
    I would highly reccomend NOT trying it. Here is some info I found about it.

    Since the 1970s, PCP has often been called "embalming fluid," but the real thing is now being used on the street.
    By 1998, druggies began stealing the stuff from funeral homes. It is a mixture of formaldehyde, methanol, ethanol, and other solvents. Users, generally in their teens or 20s, spend about $20 for joints or regular cigarettes that were soaked in it, then dried. The product is called "wet," "fry," and "illy" and is sometimes mixed with TCP. Somehow, the idea of real embalming fluid appeals to people on the fast track toward a quicker death.

    Hydrol Chemical, an embalming fluid supplier, has warned funeral homes to store their product more securely. But we live in an age when anything goes-literally.

    The chemical mixture is gaining popularity despite often violent and psychotic side effects. According to a 1998 study by a Texas commission, users report a host of miseries from the high, which may last from six hours to three days. These include hallucinations, euphoria, a feeling of invincibility, increased pain tolerance, anger, forgetfulness, and paranoia. Experts say more dangerous reactions may include coma, seizures, renal failure, and stroke.

    Sanger, Texas - Four teenagers, including the police chief's son, broke into a funeral home. They had planned to steal embalming fluid, dip cigarettes in it and smoke them. But when they couldn't find any fluid, they decided to cut off the finger of a corpse and took turns trying to smoke it.

    Formalde-high (Seattle, Washington)
    The growing fad among drug users of dipping cigarettes in embalming fluid has become such a trend that it is referred to in rap lyrics and has drug counselors all too familiar with its intense, sometimes volatile high.
  17. hahaha reminds me of how high.

    what morons...tryin to smoke a damn finger...christ.:rolleyes:
  18. Oh that's nothing, I saw a story once where some kids broke into a mausoleum and stole some skulls (very disrespectful imo). When asked what the hell they were thinking,they said they wanted to use the skulls to make a bong ffs.
  19. IM 23 rite now and i used to be really into "wet" --Sherm's or any other name for it. Im from philadelphia where PCP and Embalming fuild are on pretty much every street corner. In philly mainily Blacks/Spanish and alot of italian kids mess with embalming fuild. Some people think that you can just smoke straight emblaming fuild on a ciggerent or any other object, but this is not true. Pretend for a second that you would find or get "embalming fuild and put it on a ciggeret" and smoke it in its pure liquid form YOU WOULD DIE. Pretty much here's how emblaming fuild came into effect, For years since the 1970's people have been due to the way you feel why on dust. But now after many people have tired smokeing embalming fuild laced on ciggs or weed it is now the new CHEAP form of PCP. In order to smoke embalming fuild it has to be mixxed with other things to break down its chemicals. Lets say you have one 8oz cup of straight embalming fuild you would need to mix it with some forum of Vodka or some-other drink. For every 3 teespoons of Emblaming fuild 1 teespoon is vodka is needed to break down its base prueity......... Or around philly every 3 teespoons of "emblaming fuild" mixxed with patato skin yeast, which is also used to make "moon Shine" or many other 100% proof drinks. I tryed both PCP known as "angeldust" and "wet" which is embalming fuild. And they give you the same effect, To be honest when i used to smoke i would always prefer to smoke emblaming fuild due to it didnt make me sick and it lasted longer and was very pleasureable for me unlike the smell and taste of it which is nasty. When i used to smoke "embalming fuild" i would get mad sometimes. Heres a true story i was in a video store with 3-4 friends to rent a movie's and my one friends at the time he was 17 and it wanted a movie but the video store rented out all the copys before we got there. We'll my friend was wasted on embalming fuild, Well he ended up beating the guy working at the video store nearly to death and even with 3 cops and 2 [people trying to stop him they could'nt. Lets say your 5'10 and you weight 160lbs....well when your on emblaming fuild you are now 6'8ft and you weight 300lbs. When on "wet" you relize all your power and use it. In the end i lost 7 friends so far who have died as the result of "emblaming fuild" 1 got killed as he went after a police officer with a knife and the other's are 6ft under due to over doses. Honestly man stay away from it, it messed of my life and my brain pretty good after 4 years of being involed in it. And also embalming fuild is as addictive as meth or heroin. Once your body gets used to being on it ,its hard to stop becuase its all you think about.
  20. ^^^^^

    Dude... I've lived in Philly/just outside of Philly my whole life... Wet and PCP are the same thing down there... If you want actual embalming fluid, you're not gonna get it by just asking for "wet"...

    You can tell the difference by smelling them... ACTUAL Embalming fluid (not PCP) has that dead-frog you cut up in science class smell... PCP smells more like a magic marker/paint thinner...

    And if you're in the Philly area and want some good ass dust (PCP), go to 5th and Indie, or 7th and Clearfield... :D

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