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  1. Just curious, is embalming fluid a slang term for pcp, or is it actually embalming fluid?
  2. It actually is embalming fluid. Commonly called sherm or dip.
  3. PCP is not embalming fluid...
  4. its both a name for PCP,
    and something that ive heard being used recreationally
  5. It started as slang for PCP. However people started taking it seriously and actually using real embalming fluid, which is a terrible idea.
  6. holy shit! lmfao.
  7. There is a big difference in Embalming Fluid and Phencyclidne
  8. smoking some wet baby! no but really it is an odd experience i have to say
  9. I don't understand why people even use PCP. I haven't done it myself, and reading about the shit it can and will do to you, I don't think I'll be trying it anytime soon.

    Just my $.02 ;)
  10. Why would anyone take high doses of LSD, shrooms, etc? And what do you mean the shit it will do to you? It makes you trip.

    • Disturbing hallucinations and/or delusions
    • Severe anxiety, paranoia
    • Severe dissociation, depersonalization
    • Ataxia (loss of motor coordination)
    • Severe confusion, disorganized thinking
    • Psychotic episodes 1
    • Physical aggression
    • Nausea, vomiting
    • Temporary amnesia
    • Severe distortion or loss of auditory/visual perception
    • Decreased heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration (high doses)
    • Seizures (high doses)
    • Hangover including dizziness, numbness and lethargy; may last 24 hours or more
    • Coma (high doses, increased risk when combined with depressants)
    • Possible neurotoxicity (controversial) 2
  12. Not sure what your point is. Many of those negative effects can be said for alcohol and amphetamines as well.
  13. Very much so. Anyone in this thread saying PCP and Sherm are the same thing has no idea what they are talking about. First time I was ever offered a "super kool" I declined. Super Kools where I came from were Kool menthol cigs laced with dust.

    Sherms or dips were cigs or joints laced with embalming fluid. Did it one time and straight freaked out. That stuff if wicked. And I don't mean in a cool sense. Scared the hell out of me. Fuck that stuff. Right at the top of the list with Meth. BAD!!!
  14. No. This is not true. PCP != embalming fluid. "sherm" or "dip" are terms for when you dip a cig in PCP. But some idiots actually think it's embalming fluid:

    This is truth. "Embalming Fluid" was originally a slang term (in the 80's) for PCP (also known as Angel Dust, Sherm, Wet, Wiggles, Whackatah, Dip, Dippies, Sherm Stick, etc.)... And since there are a lot of stupid people out there, the idea eventually came around to use ACTUAL embalming fluid... Which is really stupid/dangerous.

    In smaller doses, it can actually be quite an enjoyable experience. Similar to being really drunk.

    PCP is really bad for your body.

    Uh... How about:

    ...And not to mention the point that it's been shown to eat physical holes in the brains of mice (or was it rats? been a little since I've checked into it).

    Actually, it is you who has no idea what they are talking about. A "sherm" or "sherm stick" is when you take a cig (or blunt), and dip it into a vial of PCP (usually a thicker than water/oily liquid).. So yes, PCP and Sherm ARE the same thing. This is one of the most common ways of smoking PCP. Another common method is when they put some mint leaves into a small glass jar/vial, and pour a few drops of PCP onto the mint leaves, which is typically what most people refer to as "wet". People then mix the mint leaves in with weed, or smoke them alone, in a blunt.

    HOWEVER - there ARE some stupid fucks out there who are breaking into morgues, and stealing embalming fluid, and passing it off as "Sherm". This is why it is important to know your source (and also, know the difference between what the two smell like, as they both have very different/distinct smells).
  15. Source? I have not heard of PCP itself causing much physical harm.

    Yes, amphetamine,cocaine and alcohol psychosis also occurs. PCP isn't the only drug that makes people have psychotic episodes.

    Well it needs to be pointed out that mice aren't human. Also, constantly injecting PCP into mice isn't the same as recreational use of PCP.
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    Go to google. Type: "Negative health affects associated with PCP". I'm on a borrowed computer, so I do not have time to go find this information for you, atm.

    EDIT: Known long term effects include memory and speech problems.

    I've done my fair share of those 3 drugs. None of them even comes close to PCP dissociation, dude. Have you ever done PCP, out of curiosity?

    I went on a week long binge a couple summers ago, and smoked it quite heavily before then... So I do know a thing or 2 about it.

    No, but we are genetically very similar to mice, and chemicals (for some reason) seem to react very similarly in mice and in people... Which is why a lot of testing is done on mice/rats.
  17. Sure, but you said bad for your body.

    No I have not tried PCP but I have been on a few days adderall binge and I can easily see how binging on adderall can you make you psychotic. They can all be bad and drive people insane, it all depends on who uses it.
  18. It damages the part of your brain responsible for speech/memory. Is your brain not a part of your body?

    Yes, excessive adderall and meth use (especially when you stay up for days on end) can cause psychotic states. PCP, in 1 use, can cause the same state. So what would you consider worse? The drug that takes days to cause a psychotic reaction? Or a drug that can cause a psychotic/dissociated state with just 1 use?

    (NOTE: I do not mean it makes you permanently psychotic - but smoking PCP can cause you to have a psychotic reaction, and go into a state of complete dissociation. When you get this effect from abusing meth, it's not actually from the drug - it's from sleep deprivation.)

    If you have never done PCP, then you cannot compare it to other drugs. I have done every drug you've listed, thus far, and I can tell you for sure that PCP is a lot more intense, and has a lot more negative affects than alcohol/meth/coke.
  19. First off, Adderall is an AMPHETAMINE. PCP is a DISSOCIATIVE ANESTHETIC. They are hardly the same thing.

    As for PCP's fucked-up-ness:
    From: Effects of PCP - What Are the Effects of PCP?

    "Muscle contractions may cause uncoordinated movements and bizarre postures. When severe, the muscle contractions can result in bone fracture or in kidney damage or failure as a consequence of muscle cells breaking down. Very high doses of PCP can cause convulsions, coma, hyperthermia, and death."

    "PCP users may become severely disoriented, violent, or suicidal."

    MAN ON PCP BITES OUT SON'S EYE - I don't care what you say, that shit's fucked.

    When was the last time someone ate their son's eyes because of alcohol?

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