emails from an asshole

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  1. Omg had me cracking up:yay:
  2. hahaha that's some pretty funny shit.
  3. lol funnny
  4. haha XD! great stuff
  5. Shut the fuck up, Jumanji!

  6. wow i was so confused like how the fuck did 99 people already like this post. well done, sir.
  7. "You don't have to shit in the sink, it is just an option. You can also shit out the window, or shit in a bucket next to the window and dump it out the window. There is an Indian restaurant that backs up to the alley, so it already smells like shit down there."

    Funniest shit I've heard all day!
  8. I've seen these, they're so fucking funny.

    Transgasket differential. :laughing:
  9. I fucking love that website! I was trying to remember it the other day.

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    LMFAO. Thats great.

    AHH fuck that guy. Hes a genius troll.
  11. +rep man, this is a great site. I have literally LOL'ed at like 4 or 5 of these, and im not even high right now.

    This one is hilarious!!! E-mails from an Asshole
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    I actually cried when reading the one about the pool, rep +

    Rep + for this one too.

    Lmao, he used a translator; I died.
  13. Lenny's Acid Trip is fucking hilarious. +rep for showing me this website
  14. Rofl. :laughing:
    Mike: I think I might have dropped it.
    Will: ...into a fire?!?!?!
  15. i think i just found my new way to pass time, thank you :hello:
  16. hahahah the disguised weapons one if funny as fuck too

  17. win!!

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