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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by botanist al, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. hey mods, when i post a reply or a new thread im not getting an email saying that someone has replied...i make sure the little box down the bottom is ticked but it still doesnt work?
    it has in the past but not anymore can this be fixed..thanks guys
  2. Does anybody has this problem ,also, please check and let me now!

  3. Notification seems to be working ok for me SJ....
  4. for me also, but for a lot of peole not, i also see a declien in postings, can due to some probmes with new IP's we have gotten from our hosting provider, and there seems to be a a problem with "reversed IP net block" or what ever, I'm working on it!

    please check members. all confirmation of th eproblem can help!

    thanks already!

  5. Pm me if ya need a hand SJ. You know my skill level.

  6. I certainly do ;-)

    you are on my top 5 list, of people I do not want to mess around with!

    (Oh my godm what have I said! now you wanna know how how you rank!)




  7. Lol ;-)

    I made the top five huh? I take that as a compliment coming from you SJ! :D

    No worries though friend, I'll always be on your side. ;)
  8. hey ill put a post up today and get back to you's on whether or not i got a email back....thanks guys
  9. Did it work ok for you now?

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