1. I did this:
    Through your User Control Panel > Edit Options > Default Thread Subscription Mode

    And I'm still getting emails, except their coming up as spam on Yahoo. Any help?
  2. Damn so I have to check 43 different pages of subbed threads and change each page to No email notification?

    Threads default should be No email notification with all the complaints I see..

    Thank you IF for the reply and your generous help in these sections
  3. Sorry dude...that's pretty much what you have to do...:(

    You can do a page at a time...check the box beside notification, and it should check all the threads on that page...still a pain, but better than having to check every individual one...
  4. Sure is, but I finally got it. Sorry for another email thread, and thank you again for your support in these sections :wave: :smoke:

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