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email i sent to abovetheinfluence.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gunsforgrass, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. after watching one of their retarded and wrong commercials i decided to send a email stating the facts about them. and marijuana. heres the email.

    what else do you guys think i should say to them along with my next email?

    Thank you for e-mailing

    While the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign and this Web site cover
    all drugs, there is a particular emphasis on teen marijuana usage because
    the statistics associated with it are troubling.

    More teens are in treatment for marijuana dependence than for all other
    illicit drugs combined. Teens are beginning to smoke marijuana at a younger
    age and weed is twice as potent as it was a decade ago. The drug has
    changed so the information and awareness around marijuana must keep up.

    Thank you for contacting ATI.

    -----Original Message-----
    Sent: Monday, July 09, 2007 10:56 PM
    Subject: ATI - Contact Us Questions

    Contact Us Questions
    Screen Name: healthyfreestoner
    Email Address: Type of question: about the ads
    Message: i find your ads to be very offensive. especially "stoner's in the mist".
    I smoke marijuana regularly and i have great hygiene and a great social.I am also holding a steady 2 jobs while also getting excellent
    grades in college.The ads you are broadcasting are WRONG. while they are also completely untrue.

    yes i would agree that it causes short term memory lose. this also only happens while you are under the influence.

    if marijuana is so harmful then why is it impossible to overdose on it? unlike alcohol, crack or heroin.Also why would it be saving lives for medical patients .am i blind or what, because but I'm sorry i don't see alcohol saving any lives. am i right?

    i would highly appreciate it if you stop trying to keep marijuana illegal and focus on the actual harmful drugs.

    please respond to my email if you would. thanks.
  2. Might want to check your grammar before firing off the next email man, especially "collage".
  3. proof read brother.. all I got to say
  4. yeah that was my mistake i saved one that i didnt read through. the one i sent ill copy it over here. wrong one.
  5. I hope you fixed "collage". :rolleyes:
  6. haha make sure you dont give the impression that you were high when you wrote the email
  7. hahaha yeah i was high but that should'nt of messed up my email.

    they were probably gonna copy that and use it on tv.

    "this is what your grammer looks like when you are high."......ill be outside.
  8. Is it just me? or did ATI not actually respond to his e-mail with a proper explaination?
  9. Other than a few grammer mistakes looks good. Heres one i sent a few days ago

    After reading and watching some of your ads on this site all i can say is that i am appauld at how misleading and twisted most of your "facts" are. Of course smoking cannabis is not healthy as smoking anything is not good for you but it is not as bad as you have portrayed it to be. Studies have shown no strong connection between cannabis usage and cancer as opposed to the consumption of cigarettes. And you can even avoid that by ingesting cannabis rather than smoking it. And you state that marijuana has become more potent over the years like its a bad thing, when i reality that is a good thing because now it takes less and less cannabis to achieve the same high. And "Stoners in the Mist" is revolting how you stereotype the people that consume cannabis. Any intelligent person who watches that will never take you seriously as how you resort to such childish and lame tactics to try to get your "truth" across. I am a responsible user of cannabis and i have a great life, i currently hold two jobs and manage to maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher when i am in school. So i seriously hope you reconsider your tactics and instead of spreading fear and half truths in your so called "facts", try telling the unbiased truth about cannabis.
  10. now if enough of the marijuana lovers out there did this then we may make a stand. not by one at a time.... +rep though dude, its a good jesture towards the decriminalization of marijuana

  11. too late

    "The ads you are broadcasting are WRONG. while they are also completely untrue."
  12. If you're going to bother writing them a letter at least capitalize your I's.. that makes you look so lazy.
  13. I sent them an email like that not too long ago. They sent me back the exact same thing. I don't think theres in real way to talk to anyone on there.
  14. Yeah all those emails you send them get a nice auto-response and a move to the trash bin.
  15. Yeah.. I got the same auto-response. It's a load of bullshit.
  16. Find their address.
    Who wants to form an army?
  17. how about a band if diplomats instead? we can negotiate them into border insanity :D
  18. Just the man I was looking for.
    How about we hire those gangster ass g's in your avatar for the job.
    I heard they sell schwag but they'll pop a cap in your ass.
  19. they, too, are great diplomats. they do not do drive by shootings, they drive by quickly as one of them shouts at the target convincing them that their ways are interfering with their's and to come to a compromise.
  20. It's pointless to try to communicate with these people, they don't give a shit what anybody has to say. I bet those commercials are paid for by cigarette companies anyways.

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