Email From My Probation Officer

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  1. So a week or two ago i got this email from my PO
    "You are doing a great job!!!!  I'm very proud of all that you've done.  I need to continue screening you for a couple of more months, but since  your screens continue to be clean, you should be done with everything very soon.  Keep up the good work!!!"
    What can I say, I'm good like that  :ey:  2 more months!

  2. Woohoo go you OP almost in the clear

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  3. Aight OP! Nice going! Came here expecting a negative email and some bad shit headed your way... Glad to see otherwise.
  4. Don't fuck up!!!!!
    Even when you're through with testing, are you still gonna be on probation?
  5. Home stretch you got it. :smoke:
  6. I wish my PO was that nice.
  7. Good job OP. I feel your pain as I also had to stop ( for a job ) You don't have much longer homie. Keep it up! Ps. Imagine how high we will be when we spark that first one up again :D

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  8. Classic PO bullshit..they act all friendly so when you least expect it, you walk into their office with a police officer waiting to arrest you're ass.

    I'm just kidding OP, your officer seems chill. I wish my hot ass PO would email me...maybe I should call that bitch, it's been almost 4 months since I've been off probation but fuck it!

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  9. Never heard of a PO being this nice. Usually they always got a stick up their ass.
    Lucky for me when I was on probation, I'd never hear from mine. Seemed she had forgotten about me, she was taking on someone else's workload. I had no problem with that :)
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    Dude straight up first time I even fucking met mine first words that came from her mouth, "turn around, face the wall, and put your hands behind your back." Haha straight bullshittt. Got me so heated too but what could I do she had my ass with that one
  11. sorry lads i live in the uk whats probation?
  12. cheers man yeah thought it was something like that dont understand the link to weed though i only real hear that happening over here for things like serious anti social behaviour or drunk and disorderly. Mad if in the USA you can get put on probation just for weed
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    The link to weed is the piss test. If you're on probation for a drug related crime, or have a history of drug use, or even by association, or you have bad breath, you may be court ordered to participate in "the program".
    Anything to feed the system, usually at your expense.
  14. My PO was cool as shit to me. He told me the visit before when I would have to take a UA and always joked around with me. Just don't present yourself to be a punkass and be polite.
    Anddddddddd pass the drugs test and your straight.

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  15. Don't fall for the last and final test... They call you after two weeks, before your official release paperwork's comes in the mail and tell you the sample was lost/contaminated/diluted, and you have three days... Happened to a buddy. He got 6 more months probation, more classes (that he had to pay for) and said 9 out of 10 people in that class got busted the same exact way. Make sure you have your OFFICIAL release papers in your hand before you toke up!
  16. That's awesome.

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  17. Right on man! I only got 2 months and 15 days. 3 days after 4/20. As soon as I get off, me and a bunch of buddies are just gonna have the fattest 2-day festival type deal. It's gonna be awesome.
  18. Keep it up man... all the way to the finish line... they came to my house on my LAST DAY of 3 year probation and caught me slippin, got locked up for 2 months and got another year of probo all for a weed violation... keep it up! 

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