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  1. Sweet I'm almost ready to rock!!! My kids wern't rooted yet when I got them so it will be another couple days till I start the Veg. I gave them a shot of Miracle Grow today so hopefully by Monday I'll start Vegging. I have the heat well under control with my new 24,000 btu AC. I also had spider mites but there gone for now too. This pic is my plants and as you can see there under a 1000W Metal Haloide light, my AC is in the top right hand corner.

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  2. This is looking at the back on the AC, because I had no window I had to build it in a box to exhaust the heat out. The 6' white tube is the exhaust from my room which is cool AV air and it's helping keep the heat down in the AC box. The 12' silver tube is hooked up to a blower that is exhausting outside through a window box. I still might need to make some mod's to this, the air that the AC exhausts is damn hot 100+.

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  3. This is a pic of one of my kids, like I said there not totally rooted yet.

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  4. NICE! [​IMG]
    what strain is it?
  5. This is Juicy Fruit.
  6. great job man, I noticed a little yellow in the tips, is that the strain, or over fertilization?
  7. Like I said I gave them a little shot of fertilizer, 2 tsp in 100 gallons. I'm having problems with the humidity going low to high??? Not to sure why though. I hade 10' intake that I shut off and am just using a 6' cause the AC keeps the temp perfect. I got the temp at 75-80 for now since the kids aren't totally rooted. Last time I did this strain the bottom leaves yellowed and fell off, didn't seem to effect the bud though. I also have the lights 4ft away right now. Monday I'll drop them to start the veg. I'll post new pics Monday(Day 1) I'll be vegging for 3 weeks.
  8. HIGH All, yes I noticed the Borg damage...little Bastards!!! You have to remember that those leaves could still have eggs on them and need to be treated every two or three days. Me when that young I just rub the leaves lightly to squish the little Bastards that just hatch.
  9. There hasn't been anymore mits, but today it's been a week since I last sprayed so I'll give them another shot.
  10. Hey Elvis :) What type of room is that? Have you thought about getting some mylar? From the pictures it looks like the room is larger than the space you are grow the plants, and with that type of reflector it spreads the light all over the walls and such.

    Also what did you use to seal the room (looks like you did), is it that white/black sided plastic stuff?

    Cant wait to see how your little guys grow, I'm going to be using 1000w for my first real grow, too.

  11. I've thought about the mylar but my local hydro store guy says that white poly is better. Ya I have the room totally sealed with white poly, the doorway has a zipper on it so that way I have my room contained and try to keep it bug free. 12x12 room with 6 lights and 48 plants!!! We'll see how she rocks!!! I'm watering today and will post pics later tonight.
  12. Yeah!!!! POST 100 !!!!!
  13. staying under the 50 plant limit are we;)

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