elo everyone im new here :) im movin to metz france and i dont kno where to buy HELP

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  1. hey everyone im portuguese and im called pedro, currently living in romania. I recently found out tht im moving to Metz in France and i dont know where i can purchase any weed :( if you kno somewhere or someone nice in the are let me now plss :D :smoke:
  2. cant ask for hooks ups...
  3. ah sorry man
    more of what i meant is if it is a nice smoke area or if its dry as fuck
    sorry again
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    If you're going to France, you can find hash dealers fucking everywhere. have fun :)
  5. ^
    No shit; Europeans fucking love they hash, man.

    Plus, France ain't too far away from Morocco, where the best stuff comes from.
  6. ooooo sweeeet thanks guys :D
    but im gona miss my bud :(

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