Ello from Florida

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Mac.n.cheese, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. hey whats up im semi new here. ive been roaming around checking out this Forum and finally desided to sign up. so whats up?:wave:
  2. Whatsup bro? What part of florida are you from? Im in the 305 :D
  3. our membership is what's up.
  4. Welcome! yea what part? Im moving to the 727 within like 6 months
  5. im in the 386
  6. ah, boo thats at the top aint it? lol figures your at the top, other dudes in mia and ill be in the middle lol
  7. lol figures...pshhh
  8. where in 305? I'm in 954 pembroke pines
  9. I got a house up in boca, and a house in aventura. You know either of them?
  10. I know where that is, Hi from Boynton!!!
  11. We need to all meet up one day and have like a florida blaze festival, you guys know what the festival of the moon is?
  12. As far as I go I can't go to Boca, it's to ostentatious for me and I don't drive a Beemer so they won't let me in.


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