Elliott Smith?

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    I love Elliott Smith. Some think he's too depressing, but he expresses himself so eloquently and with so much originality and creativity and heart, and that's what really makes an artist in my opinion. You have to make sure you listen to his lyrics- they're outstanding!

    Anyone else into Elliott?
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    Yeah. he's got some great stuff out.

    Edit: and he's got Furdinan the Bull tattooed on his arm which gives him an automatic appreciation in my book.
  3. Sort of dabbled, looking to delve in deeper.

    is crazy, I love that song. Gus Van Sant uses a lot of his music and I'm a big fan so that's how I got introduced.
  4. Elliott Smith was a genius who made beautiful music.
  5. I'm bringing this thread back! Elliott Smith is definitely my favorite singer. I am an alright songwriter and a fairly good guitar player but I could never even come close to a 25th of the talent Elliott Smith possesses. According to Hindu belief there are "avatars", or deities of a sort that come down to Earth and look like ordinary people, but possess great knowledge and wisdom and other godly features. Elliott Smith is about as close to an avatar as the music world may have seen for a very long time.
  6. i love elliott smith, i was really big into him in highschool
  7. I dig Elliot Smith. I'm actually in the midst of creating a little project where I'm rapping over acoustic beats called the Elliot Smith Tapes. Chea. Sounds gangster doesn't it? :cool:
  8. Elliot Smith is awesome but you've gotta admit he can be pretty bleak. The lines in Miss Misery are just devastating... "I'll fake it through the day with a bottle of Johnny Walker Red..." :(
  9. Meeeee, Meeeee.

    The king of respectable emo.
  10. I never liked Elliot Smith except "Between The Bars" and "The Morning After".

    I rather listen to Nick Drake, Jim Guthrie, Jim O'Rourke, King Creosote, Wilco, Archer Prewitt, Arthur Russell and Belle and Sebastian.

    I think there are more good songs in their indie folk rock catalogs.
  11. Genius is a word we throw around a lot. Elliott smith was not a musical genius. But he did make beautiful music.
  12. I am in love with Elliott Smith. Or was, I suppose. He wrote so many songs it's ridiculous, and the fact that they're all great (lyrically, at least) is mind blowing. He has more talent in his pinky finger than I have in my whole body.

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