Elizabeth Warren

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  1. Anyone actually support her? In my opinion she's the fakest candidate in the race and is just saying whatever she needs to to get ahead. Her whole career was founded on a lie about her ethnicity that opened up doors for her that otherwise would've remained closed. I have no respect for her, and will not be voting Democrat if she wins the primary...
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  2. She came to my attention before she was a politician having wrote the book "The Two Income Trap". I found the book very informative having read it just out of college. Also she was a Harvard professor, something the current "idiot in chief" could only dream about doing. IMHO I believe she's trying to grab the Bernie voter.

    Elizabeth Warren’s book, The Two-Income Trap, explained

    "The book is chock-full of thoughts on a wide range of public policy issues but written long before Warren’s first run for public office or even before her campaign for a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau existed in its mature form. It’s much realer and more interesting than any campaign book."

    "It’s an important read as the 2020 campaign begins because it offers unvarnished insight into the evolution of Warren’s thinking as she moved from being a Republican in the mid-1990s to the left-wing Democrat we know today. The policy ideas she espoused 15 years ago are considerably smaller-scale than the platform she’s developed over the past decade, but the diagnosis that's led her to her current positions are all right there in the book — a book that argues that the fundamental structure of the American economy has shifted in a way that loads the dice against middle-class families."

    I'm still not sure who I'm going to vote for but she was on my short list before she started all the free college BS and her attacks on wall street.

    FYI, I think some of her arguments against wall street are very valid but considering I just switched careers to day trading, I'm not so sure she is still on my shortlist.

    As long as it's not Joe Biden!
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  3. She lied to become a Harvard professor fyi...
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  4. being a liar must a be requirement for presidency now.
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  5. We've come a long way from GW...
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  6. That's interesting, I've not looked into it having just been informed. Regardless, the book is spot on and I would say is worth your time to read if you are interested in the subject.

    It's a shame she went so far to the left, because as I mentioned, she was on my short list....but not so much now.
  7. I'd consider reading it. My opinion of her is pretty formed but I want to hear all different viewpoints from all people. I believe everyone deserves a voice and should be heard.
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  8. Always was dude.... welcome to adulthood

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  9. Lol you're killing it

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  10. Well I'll be dammed...The DNC's front runner? I am not sure what to say? good luck maybe?I personally find her hard to look at and listen too. I could see some democratic donors save there money for 2024 before backing this bat shit crazy far left ding bat.

    How many democrat supporters on GC think that she is a leader for the free world? just wondering....
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  11. The pendulum swings and I'm happy to know that if she wins you trumpers will have Warren Derangement Syndrome ;)
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  12. Hey it won't bug me like you think it will. I can take it and move on just like when Obama won. I couldn't believe it when he won ,but I continued to lead a productive life anyway..My opinion at this moment in time is that you better hope you can impeach that mother fucker before its to late..good luck.
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  13. I don't think Warren wins the general against Trump. And I doubt the Senate is going to remove him from office...
  14. They better not remove him...I just sent him a pile of cash..
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  15. Yes, I'm voting for her absolutely. Besides being one of the greenest candidates, she's a fighter for all the right reasons.

    Her main thing is closing up the wealth-poor gap that has become massive. She wants to restore the middle class which makes up more than half of America. The income inequality is out of balance which is bad for any country.

    She calls out corporations and individuals on their corruption and they find themselves with their pants down because they are not used to being questioned hard like she does. Folks that have been, for so long, not accountable for their greed are having to answer in a very public way. Who else is doing this?

    This benefits ALL people of all political parties. I would guess that most folks on this site fall in to the middle class. The only ones it doesn't benefit are the big corporations that have clearly been caught doing something wrong.

    The best way to truly understand someone is to look at their past and their accomplishments or disasters. If their past has a record of people suing, sexual crimes, bad decisions, bending laws, making enemies with important allies, you can bet that is not a great road to continue on down.

    The only negative I see is the Native American faux pa. It was stupid of her but do know that when she had her test done, it did come out with her having native American blood, just not as much as she thought? This is not enough to make me budge for my support of her.


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  16. Warren 2020!!!!!
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  17. “Bat shit crazy” . Next thing you know she’ll be looking to the sky & claiming to be “The chosen one” while addressing the nation on important world issues. Good point.
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  18. Well, She did claim to be an Indian and the DNC will more than likely make her the chosen one so you could be on to something...good luck.

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