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  1. So my fiancé is incarcerated, and of curse no way in smoking, yes we are aware of the chemical that will be smoked if eliquid is out on paper, but my question is, how can I soak the eliquid onto the paper? How will it dry up? Help please??
  4. the hell are you even asking?
  5. I'm asking if you have knowledge on this topic, how can I soak eliquid onto paper? Eliquid for vape.
  6. yer better off pressing chewing tobacco juice onto paper
    E-shit dont dry right
  7. so "his chick" you just figured youd come ask the potheads how ta get daddy his fix eh?
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  8. thats a stupid question the real question is
  9. He doesn't smoke tobacco, but good idea, I'll ask, he wants eliquid for some weird reason
  10. I agree, Lml
  11. But I tried soaking it myself but I heated the paper and sent it and he said that it wasn't right, so I know it is possible and he told me not to beat it because the liquid won't be smokable, so he told me to air dry it, it's taking too long to dry
  12. glys takes forever to dry

    but be carefull its illeagal

    and the pros do it different
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  14. I can tell, I started 2 days ago and it's still wet, and the drone, a little impossible to do herein NY, so you've tried soaking the liquid onto the paper? How did you do it? And obvi it didn't dry up but just let me know how was it done, I might be able to find a way to dry it without distroying it or the liquid itself
  15. How is the food dehydrate suppose to work?
  16. ive only ever spilled it and noticed it took like a week for it to dry
  17. you want the ones that are just a very DRY clean enviroment not heat i havnt evaluated the model shown for this factor but its an idea
  18. Oh ok

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