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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sinister, Feb 4, 2003.

  1. Is this a common thing smokers do everywhere else, or is it called different, etc?

    Around here at least, a elevator is where you get down on your legs, (just kneeled down, but still standing) and breathe in and out until you feel lightheaded, then take a shotgun from someone while slowly standing up. What you get after this is a dizzy spell for about 5minutes then you get an incredible high for about 15minutes then it goes back to a strong normal high.

    You can also do this while hitting a pipe while doing the standing up part, or bong, or joint. But getting a shotgun definently is the best way. Ive seen a few people pass out momentarily from doing this and holding it in too long, but the high itself is great.

    So anyone ever do this, or even heard of it? If not, try it!
  2. around here that's called a purple haze
  3. around here the boys just do it so they can get in my personal space/face.
    if there lucky they talk the gals into just so they can
    gotta watch out for boys ya know.
    ok back to your topic....yea its fun.
  4. yeah some guys will do that juust to be jerks. they can at least ask or something. no i am not a girl, just a strong feminine side... i'm just fuckin' with you guys

    they do it around here, some call it elevator or purple haze. either way its fun.

  5. i have never done that man i gotta try it
  6. they call that an elevator here... but i've never done it. i've got low blood pressure, so if i stand up to fast the same thing happens to me without taking a shotgun... if i took the gun i'd pass out, lol... i took a gallon dank bukket kneeling down, and exhaled real slow as i stood up... fell right back down on my ass :D
  7. Its an elevator over here (even though we call them lifts!) Try getting a shot gun while standing on your head! Do you do a shot gun through your hands (cupping both hands to form a tube) Over here thats called a blow-back, lip to lip is a magic kiss, but i make sure the girl knows what i'm gonna do before i do them or its a bit impolite.
    (See I'm a perfect English Gentleman!)

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