Elephants on LSD

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  1. Oh yes. You are not stoned as fuck. Or maybe you are. But you read it right.


    What happens if you give an elephant LSD?

    On Friday August 3, 1962, a group of Oklahoma City researchers decided to find out.

    Warren Thomas, Director of the City Zoo, fired a cartridge-syringe containing 297 milligrams of LSD into Tusko the Elephant's rump. With Thomas were two scientific colleagues from the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine, Louis Jolyon West and Chester M. Pierce.

    297 milligrams is a lot of LSD - about 3000 times the level of a typical human dose. In fact, it remains the largest dose of LSD ever given to a living creature. The researchers figured that, if they were going to give an elephant LSD, they better not give him too little.

    Thomas, West, and Pierce later explained that the experiment was designed to find out if LSD would induce musth in an elephant - musth being a kind of temporary madness male elephants sometimes experience during which they become highly aggressive and secrete a sticky fluid from their temporal glands. But one suspects a small element of ghoulish curiosity might also have been involved.

    Whatever the reason for the experiment, it almost immediately went awry. Tusko reacted to the shot as if a bee had stung him. He trumpeted around his pen for a few minutes, and then keeled over on his side. Horrified, the researchers tried to revive him, but about an hour later he was dead. The three scientists sheepishly concluded that, “It appears that the elephant is highly sensitive to the effects of LSD.”

    In the years that followed controversy lingered over whether it was the LSD that killed Tusko, or the drugs used to revive him. So twenty years later, Ronald Siegel of UCLA decided to settle the debate by giving two elephants a dose similar to what Tusko received. Reportedly he had to sign an agreement promising to replace the animals in the event of their deaths.

    Instead of injecting the elephants with LSD, Siegel mixed the drug into their water, and when it was administered in this way, the elephants not only survived but didn't seem too upset at all. They acted sluggish, rocked back and forth, and made some strange vocalizations such as chirping and squeaking, but within a few hours they were back to normal. However, Siegel noted that the dosage Tusko received may have exceeded some threshold of toxicity, so he couldn't rule out that LSD was the cause of his death. The controversy continues.

    Taken from: http://www.magazinetimepass.com/oddities/most-bizarre-experiments-of-all-time

    (Visit the link, there is plenty of other sick and funny shit to read)


    How trippy (and fucked up) is that ? Psychedelic elephants ?

  2. nice thread.

    its seems stupid to give try an experiment like that with so much lsd. yeah, its a big animal, but why the hell not start small?
  3. picture the scene, let your imagination run wild, you're an elephant biologist approaching tusko or whatever the fuck it was called with the syringe to dose that sucker up and then you slip, fall flat on your ass and accidentally inject yourself with 'the largest dose of LSD ever given to a living creature' straight to the face. I think you would probably trip balls.
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    Thanks man. The reason why they gave it to the Elephant was to see if LSD would induce musth - their sex rage behaviour when they need to impregnate the female Elephants with the man-trunk :D

    Well technically just pricking yourself with the needle without injecting the dosage would be enough to send you straight to the graveyard.

    So yeah, tripping balls while freaking out when the grim reaper suddenly comes to pull the plug :D
  5. wtf would be the point of an experiment like this?

  6. What scientist in the sixties would want to use a lifetimes supply of lsd and not get some youtube-worthy shit?
  7. Apparantly a fucked up one :D
  8. so they thumb printed the elephant? humans survive that shit, the elephant was probably knocked out and tripping really hard, they killed him trying to "Revive" him!

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