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Elephant Purple and Euphoria Unlimited info

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by tucansam420, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. i was curious if anyone has tried the 'Elephant Purple' or the 'Euphoria Unlimited' strains from the elephant purple is $500 for 10 seeds and the Euphoria Unlimited is $1000 for 10 heads. now, to me this sounds crazy. but read the description, it says it keeps you stoned for 8+ hours. has anyone actually grown this?
  2. I just choked on my soda!
    RIP OFF!
  3. I have never ever ever ever heard of seeds for over like 300, just go to like rhinoseeds or sensi seeds
  4. If you want to be high for eight hours, smoke. Then smoke again. Even if you use twice as much White Widow, you're still saving yourself about $370.
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    lol. yeah thought it was a rip off.
    can a plant even be 34% THC? thats like 1/3 the entire plant matter = THC... is this even true?

    also, you mentioned rhinoseeds and seniseeds, is Greenhouse Seed Co. a reliable source? I was thinking about trying them out and they sound very professional and have a nice strain selection. and if so, can anyone tell me a successful plant they grew indoors under 2.5 feet, if possible? or the shortest plant, im looking for one with a nice sized yield, but more than quantity I would like quality, but my space is limited. and would feminized be worth the price over regular seeds? I am a first time grower so I'm not really interested in producing a large amount, I am more interested in testing growing methods that will best suite me for quality and a large yield with what resources I have.

    Thanks for all the help. =]
  6. I know this post is about a year and a half late, but if you're still looking around for a short good strain look for auto flowering strains. They go from seed to ready-to-harvest in about 2 months, and will fit your grow space well.
  7. FYI

    yes, elephant purple is close to 34% THC. THC is a chemical in the plant matter, not the actual plant matter, so maybe you should do some research before making such statments

    i know this because ive been growing it now for 3 years, and after my first harvest, i sent a sample into steep hill lab (Steep Hill Lab: California's Premier Cannabis Testing Facility) and had it tested. the results came back that the sample i sent them came back as 29% to 31% THC content (indoor grown). as far as the 8 hour stone goes, not quite but close, average for an accompished smoker is about 4-6 hours. ive sen light weights stoned for close to 10 from EP.

    good luck, and if you doubt the results they got, send sme in yourself, they are very accurate at steep hill
  8. TGA seeds, Sannie seeds, motarebel seeds.
  9. As an aside, I believe THC percentages mean "the percent of all alkaloids that are THC is this number," rather than "if you weigh this plant, this percentage of its weight is THC"
  10. exactly. thc is a chemical, and when they refer to the thc content of the plant they arent referring to the plants actual weight in matter, but the percentage of the chemical in the plant matter itself.
  11. I've had some dank that keeps you ripped for 3-4 hours and I was pretty surprised, since I never get stoned for more than 2 anymore.. but 8 hours sounds like a stretch... although I have heard of strains that supposedly don't have plateaus, or they're higher than normal bud, so that you can smoke 2 grams and just keep getting higher. I don't know how that would work though... :rolleyes: maybe someone can explain it
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    yes the total % is a number of ACTIVE AND INACTIVE CANNABINOIDS, no marijuana plant has 34 % thc active that's almost saying the plants nearly hash dude.. high potency when u get down to it really active wise the highest i've heard of is around 18%--and no i'm not talking about those numbers u see next to the description those are true but misleading.

    Oh and just because ur breeder pack says thc:20%+ doesn't mean you will get anything near that it's all growing conditions/grower technique that are all the outcome small factors as far as feeding ph blah blah blah sand the guy who sent his shit to a lab, ya buddy u prolly just had people smoke ur shit and tell you it was relly good and they gave u a number, your a troll.
  13. There was a thread on this awhile back...
    That place is a rip off.
    They're scammers

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