Elements Vs Raws

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  1. Hey fellow tokers! I have been on the forum for a while and decided it was time to finally posts something I have been dying to know, which is better Raws or Elements, pros vs cons. Im hitting up my LHS on friday so i wanna decide on one.
  2. One word.. Rawssss
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  3. Sometimes I hear not-so-great things about the glue lines on Raws. A lot of people say you really have to wet them to get them to stick. I've tried both and haven't ever run into any big problems with the glue, but Raws seem to burn marginally cleaner.
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    Raws, they taste better.

    Nevermind, I was thinking that the Elements were the bleached papers. I don't smoke joints that much, but as long as the paper is natural and doesn't taste, then I'm good.
  5. They're essentially the same so go with price point to determine which to buy. That or color, as if that matters...

    I'd be willing to bet anyone wouldn't be able to tell the difference in a blind use test.
  6. i prefer zigzags. Never had raws and hate elements.
  7. You wont be preferring those bleached urine tasting papers once you pick up a pack of RAWs
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  8. well good thing zigzag makes ultra thin unbleached rice based papers which rolls as easy as the orange pac and burns super good. so im good with zags :) 
    idk whats about the hype with raw papers :l
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  9. Organic RAWs are win. Though Elements are also good if you like the thinner rice papers.
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  10. Raws taste so good. Elements come in close second. I've found that the glue on the Raw papers are kinda sketchy sometimes though >.>
    Still got real high doe.
  11. More power to ya then haha when I think zigzags, I think those orange packs. Yuck.
  12. i choose raw just because they are made out of hemp and so are their rolling tips.
  13. So I picked up a pack of both and I have to say, im a little more impressed with the raws. Even though the gum can be a little bit finnecky, they just seem like a better paper than elements, but thats just my 2 cents.
  14. I got Raws a while back and thought they were pretty good but I bought a pack of king size elements for the fuck of it a few days ago and i like em. Only smoked 2 joints with them so far but i feel they are smoother and the raws make me cough a bit more... IDK I'll have to roll two joints with the same weed but different papers to really judge.
  15. i have always used size 1.0 elements. the less paper the better.
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  16. element no tip...wtf is the deal with people using packs of rolling tips all over now...personally i think the raw tips ruin the pure taste
    been using elements and raws interchangeably for years
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  17. update:  after having to use several of both element and raw tips in other peoples joints last night.....the element tips are a cleaner taste when used imo...something about the raw tips just tastes strange to me...i know this is like splitting hairs...but damn it ....i just like the elements better..
  18. If they have Smoking Browns I'd recommend trying a pack of those. I used to pickup RAW till I found these. Clean flavour, waaaaay better glue, and they're from Spain. About $2/100 where I buy 'em.

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