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  1. i was wondering if there were anybody around who enjoy technology as much as i do.. see.. i am a musician.. i play a wide veriety of instruments. lately, my favorite instrument to play is my computer.... hopefully maybe ill find some other musicians who push the technological envelope and we could and we could all collaborate on something or go over ideas and concepts.. while lit up like christmas trees of course! click my sig to hear some of my tunes.
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  2. So what programs do you use?
  3. Good stuff man, +rep.

    I'd like to know what programs you use, I really want to get into this type of music. I've played trombone for years, but its getting harder and harder to find people that I can play with.
  4. my main app is flstudio. i also use ableton live and sonic foundry's sound forge.. as well as a plethera plug-ins..

    did anyone listen to my tracks?
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  5. its cool, not really my style but props for mixing it. stick with that trombone
    pemberton we got one in the funk band i play with.
  6. hey!!! thanks for giving it a listen.. hopefully you don't think im playing records there.. lol
  7. In terms of breaking boundaries in music I would consider J.G. Thirlwell aka Foetus among the most talented contemporary artists. An aquired taste to be sure, but worth a listen.
  8. Yeah, I listened to all of em. I really liked it, and it makes me want to get into electronic music even more.

    I'm not saying I'll quit trombone, I've been playing for over 10 years now ;). But trombone is a very limited instrument in most situations, and I would like to be able to branch out into some genres other than ska, funk, jazz, etc.
  9. i want your soul.. i will eat your soul..
    and i would eat aphex's as well with a side of fava beans and a fine kiante..

    p.s. he's also my favorite musician!
  10. sts9 (sound tribe sector 9)
    sickest electronic music i've heard... crazy.
    If you get a chance ever, see a show
    you can hear some of their stuff at http://www.sts9.com

  11. lol come to daddy lyrics. a quirky tech/grind band named dillinger escape plan did a cover of that song with mike patton doing vocals. I appreciated that they played all of it with real instruments... particularly the drum beat on a real set. hehe.

    and, yeah... aphex twin is a legend.

    I haven't listened to your tracks yet. I'll check em out. I have a synth and fruity loops and some other tracking programs, but the electronic stuff I make is more related to indie synth pop stuff, ambient trip hop stuff, and d'n'b for indie hip hop beats. basically more used in hybrids of other genres than straight up electronic dance music. maybe I'll post up some stuff here sometime.
  12. sts9 remind me of plaid.. theyre waay mellow.. its cool.. but i deffinately prefer the crash and brash type of beats rather than the mellow.. aphex and squarepusher are at the top of my fav's list...

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