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  1. Let me know if you guys have heard or seen this thing. It's called the eJay (electronic joint) and it takes the vaporizer to a whole new (portable) level.

    You can only get it at Boulder Medical Marijuana Center on 22nd and Pearl. I was there last week when they first started selling the eJay and they had a line of people to get their hands on it. I bought 6!

    I recommend you get your hands on one before they realize the price is too low and/or they sell out.

    Basically, it is just like the ever popular electronic cigarette, only it is filled with liquid THC medicine instead of nicotine.

    Benefits of the eJay over conventional smoking methods:
    -No lighters or matches to mess with
    -No ash or resin mess

    Let me know who else has seen or bought this. It is the future of smoking!

  2. of course we havent heard of it, you only just now spammed us bud:smoke:
  3. lol my thoughts exactly

    but who knows, maybe hes a new member who had to join just to tell us the joys of the e-jay
  4. sounds cool,never would mind giving it a try if i had the money :D
  5. You both are right. I just joined and was looking for a topic to post about (try these forums out). Thanks for the quick response to my post. Looks like these really are being read. :)

    Not spamming, just thought I would share a cool new smoke method. Of course, you have to live in Colorado to get it.
  6. i want to hear more about this "liquid thc" is it like marinol or what?

    personally i like a some cannabinoids with my thc, so i think i'll stick with real weed

  7. It's hash oil


    Hash oil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    I honestly do not know how they get the liquid THC. You will have to ask one of the guys at the shop. All I know, is it works and it works well.

    I smoked up on an airplane Friday night and NOBODY knew the better. TSA thought it was just another electronic cigerette when I went through security.

    No smoke, odor, nothing. I was well medicated for the entire flight. Beautiful.
  9. ah well if its hash oil then thats a horse of a different color! :hippie:
  10. I have literally NEVER heard that saying. Is that even a real saying?? XD

    EDIT: Also, there was a topic a while back where someone found out how to make homemade e-joints using e-cigs. From what I remember he emptied the little capsules that contain the nicotine juice, and filled with it with a tincture of sorts. He used like, some sort of fatty liquid or something, I can't remember at all...
  11. wizard of oz dude. come on...
  12. well you said you bought 6 of them...so a video or a few pics might keep your thread from being deleted as spam
    and the liquid is a THC tincture not oil
  13. At work right now (working hard as you can see), so dont have a picture handy, but am happy to post one up later. Minus my face of course (who really wants to see that).

    I bought 6 because I was told he only had 20 in stock that day and I have 5 other smoker friends (including Mom :)) who wanted one. I got a good deal for buying so many.

    Anyway, just thought I would share something fun and new with the group.

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