electronic cigarettes

Discussion in 'General' started by HashBash, May 18, 2010.

  1. I am trying to give up cigarettes and picked up one of the smoke 51 ecigs at a tobacco shop near me. Does anyone use these things. I kind of like it actually, I have only smoked a few cigarettes since I got it and think I can eventually lower my nicotine intake down to zero if I really want to. It seems like a good idea for a vaporizer too.
  2. one of my buddy's got one and I had one for a good while, they helped me quit the fags for a while, There also pretty pleasurable when you can't smoke a cigarrette:). ITS DAT BACCO INDO
  3. can you vape thc with these

  4. /face palm
  5. to my facepalm, sorrry haha i got it confused with those new cigs where you vaporize it tobacco instead of smoking it

    they sell them at my mall

  6. however u cant smoke weed in em, ive heard about people doing something putting jwh rc in it.

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