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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bud stuffer, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. does anyone have experience with shocking the hell out of them selves via wall socket. i was curious to know if it is normal afterwards to have a tightening of breath that starts like an hour later. or if that was pure coincidence.

    and i didn't do it on purpose

    oh, and feel free to laugh your asses off, it was pretty fucking funny to see

    my arm tingled for a good five minutes
  2. are goona die:)

    Yeah, sometimes muscles and things cramp up really bad afterwards. I gave myself a hell of a zap once trying to electocute a snail(don't ask why). My arm wouldn't uncramp for three or four hours. If you are really still having problems, go to the doctor, but I bet you're gonna be fine.

    And stay away from those dangerous household appliances

  3. holysh8 thats karma at its best i bet you thought twice before doing something like that again
  4. i'd say if you're still experiencing it after a few hours to talk to a doctor. it is normal shortly afterwards, but if it persists that's no good.
  5. yeah it has pretty much gone away by now, i still feel it but it isn't bad. i didn't get myself to bad. i was just trying to plug a power cord into a socket that i couldn't see. i guess i made the circut with my fingers. i'll bet that snail was laughing his ass off.
  6. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzap!

  7. What he said^^^^^^

    Sensi.. you are one funny girl!!!!!!!
  8. I blew a fuse and evrything. My parents were like"what the fu ck", and i was too embarassed to tell anybody. i just went to my room and withered in agony until my arm relaxed.

    I bet he was laughing. Until i stepped on him, that is. I usually just let them live unless they're eating my plants. In which case, now, I just pick them off and throw them over my neighbors fence

  9. yep, thats about how it went
  10. One time...........

    When I was like five or six..........

    I was trying to unplug a fan from an extension cord.............

    It would'nt come loose..............

    So I grabbed it with my teeth................

    Boy, did I shake.....................

    Did'nt effect me none though.

    Once the black spot on my tongue went away.
  11. lol, okie

    in jr. high one of my classmates plugged in a plastic back bone held together be a cut off lamp cord, sparks went flying and the back bone started wiggleing. i am suprised the kid didn't hurt himself, funny as hell though.
  12. Ah yes.

    Fun on the farm!

    If your cousin ever tells you to pee on an electric fence, don't do it!
  13. i told a kid to do that once, i didn't expect him to do it, boy did he jump.
  14. I had an uncle who could lay his pecker on the fence. That thing would jump every time the fence would shock..

    Funny shit back then! LOL
  15. Ok.

    I don't think I needed to hear that!
  16. thats wrong, and very painful sounding.
  17. I couldn't even think about it!

    Damn it makes me sudder every time I think about it!

  18. plastic backbone? held together by a lamp cord?

  19. i repeat, plastic backbone?? held together by a lamp cord??
  20. I was trying hard not ask, and then you just go do it!

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