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  1. getting electricity to my outdoor-underground growroom seems to be a problem...

    there is only two ways of getting electricity, that i know of..

    1. my house
    2. next door neighbor

    if i route it to my house, then it can be tracked back to me/whoever in the house

    and i dont wanna get the neighbors in trouble..

    ...so, do you guys know of any solutions?

    i live in wine country, California, so there are no street lamps or anything, it's pitch black at night...i considered using solar power, but realized that it would most likely be expensive and hard to hide...so...what are my other options?...that wont cost TOO much
  2. Have you considered an outdoor grow, possibly under plastic sheeting? BTW, how much lighting are you anticipating?
  3. i'd just route it to your house, cause if it get found, your family can just deny that you were the one growing.

    just make sure that you wire it up to your house in a way that looks like someone wired it without your knowing;)
  4. yeah thats what i was thinking John

    Crude: the idea is to make it so no one knows about it ;)
  5. Good luck! just be sure to wire it as if someone that doesnt have access to your house did it. i think you should be fine, i doubt anyone will find it.
  6. i agree that if your going to grow that way definately make it look like someone else did it,also leave small traces of evidence that would point to your neighbors,but if you have my situation and your neighbors are old people that don't shit about bud, you could try a direct circut with some car batteries(which also should be stolen if your as cheap as me)

    or if you ever have ALOT of money to spare,and can get ahold of a school bus,heres how me and some friends have out setup
    bury the bus underground with access from above thru a pool house, after its in the ground and covered over,put a pool over the top,so if the authorities do a heat skan you can say its to heat the pool,then you should also use a generator for the lights,and if you live in the great white north like i do,you can start the bus for extra heat since it already has a deasal engine, the set up is extreme,but it turns out amazing results,we've got it tuned to produce around 25 large plants ever 2 months, this also works well because if you put a pool table and tv in the shed just claim to be relaxing with some friends

    happy growing _=)
  7. MryJane...i was thinking about using a few car batteries, but i dont like to steal from people unless i know they arent currently using it (ie: it's on the ground/garage and NOT in a car..)

    that whole pool idea...i would do it, but im only going to do this for a year maybe...

    what you have going though, sounds pretty awesome...

    i think ill just try to wire it somehow to a porchlight or something...ill try and figure something out...

    im thinking about having my room further than expected...im going to go down and check out the area after i hop in the shower...i just hope no snakes/bee's fuck with me haha
  8. i love the setup,and its pretty big time but it works, as for the batteriesid just find them like you said,when there not inuse,i dont know if your anywhere near a lake.but ll boat batteries can be unplugged in less than a minute easily,(im talking about pontoon boats and smaller fishing boats)
  9. actually i live very close to a Lake (Canyon Lake/Lake Elsinore)..but i dont wanna steal them for a bad cause lol...

    ill think of something...

    thanks for all of the help/input/replies =)

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